Cover version contest – Tori Amos vs Nirvana

I’d forgotten about the contest for Dinosaur Jr v The Cure due to Easter and my friends visiting, it made no difference, it was still tied.   A worthy result as I love both.

Robert Smith and J Mascis celebrated their joint win with a double date at Pizza Hut.

This week’s contest pits the age old question, would you rather be ginger or be shot in the face?  Such are Tori Amos’s flaming locks and Kurt Cobain’s untimely demise.

If Nirvana win I’ll show you on a future contest where they ripped off the riff to Smells Like Teen Spirit from.


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  1. Why can’t we be ginger and get shot in the face?

  2. cant decide love them both for different moods….dont make me choose!!!

  3. I’d rather be a Ginger. A GingerSnaap cookie to be exact!

    I like them BOTH- is that a problem? I *heart* Tori and I *heart* Nirvana. These questions are toooo hard. Want a cookie?

  4. Seems pretty obvious to me. Nirvana has this one.

  5. Tori, all the way.
    Hobs is obviously high on sugar from the cookies ginger is pushin.

    • Don’t believe El Guapo. He is just tring to suck up, but seriously, you like Nirvana better right? Your opinion is all that really matters. 😉

      • Of course his opinion matters. And he likes Tori better, right Joe? Right?!?
        That’s what I thought.

        • Quit stalking his comments Guap! I’m the only one who gets to do that.

        • SU knows that I love him more, so you might as well hop on over to some other blog. He wants people with good taste.

          • Oh, I see, so he’s training you to improve your taste? 😉

            • I am stalking him…he knows I have good taste. I don’t see you offering to run him a bath when he has a hangover…

              • Yes, I can honestly say you will never see me offering to run him a bath when he has a hangover.
                I will however be there with him getting just as hammered the night before.

                • Well, he was just talking about how he wants to ease up a little. What are you an enabler? I will support his choice to get drunk or stay sober.

                  • Ah, nonono…not an enabler. Pretty sure Joe knows the difference between needing a drink and wanting a drink. A hard, but invaluable lesson to learn.

                    • Of course he knows that. What do you think he is, stupid or something? How dare you EG. Really. If I were Joe, I’d block you.

                    • That’s it.
                      I say we do a competitive skydive to see who is worthy of hanging out with Joe.
                      And the loser has to explain why his thread was hijacked with 30 comments.

                    • This isn’t my first thread hijacking…he gave me an award remember? Where is your award? Oh, that’s right, he said he that one was JUST FOR ME!

                  • Pluse, if he wants to talk about the 2nd Xanth book, I’ve already read it!

                    • He can talk to me about anything…I will pretend for him. Yeah, you heard me…

                    • You mean…fake it?
                      Don’t make me bring Hotspur over here!

                      And Guapo conversation is always real and sincere. I could have my own Lifetime TV talk show.
                      But not Food Network. I know how Joe feels about that.

                    • I would do whatever he wanted me to, and I am the definition of Lifetime TV…wait a second, that came out wrong…

                    • My phone was charging, then it went mental with messages, thought I had been freshly pressed only to find you two…the pair of you are insane, you’re great!

                    • You meant he is insane and I am great right?

                    • Should you not tell crazy people they are crazy?

                    • You can tell me anything, but you might need to be careful around EG. He has issues.

                    • What’s that SU? You want Guap to leave you alone? Okay, I’ll tell him for you since you are busy drinking.

                      Leave him alone El Guapo!

                    • I need to check if I have lifetime….

                • I’ll drink to that

        • Love both, but I like what tori did with it. And nirvana did lift the riff from the pixies, and pixies rule over nirvana…

        • Nirvana is going to win. The people who “say” they like Tori don’t seem to be actually voting.

  6. Hey SU, you really can block him if you want to…I’m sure he will understand, and since he isn’t here to defend himself…he actually asked me to ask you to do it. At least for a day or two.

    • Sounds like she’s getting desperate, Joe.
      Maybe just tell her you’re blocking me, so her delicate feelings aren’t hurt… 😀

      • Do you realize it is almost 1:30 in the morning where he is? How rude EG. I’ll let you sleep Joe. Just decide when you are well rested. Hope you are having wonderful dreams of blocking Guap.

        • Is that what you do, Hobs? Dream of me? In yellow short overalls and lederhosen?
          Yeah, I thought so. 😉

          • You’re right, it is a bit crazy over here at the moment. Tori for sure. Oh and eeewwwwww for the lederhosen mind shot. I need a drink

            • Tori? Really…you guys all suck. Except SU. He sucks up. 😉

              • I like Nirvana, but when Tori is good, she is very very good.

                • and when she is bad, she is very very bad. Actually her version was okay, but Nirvana’s was better

                  • That’s also true, she’d done some daft stuff. That reminds me, Kate Bush will feature soon, she taught Tori everything she knows.

                    • You know a lot about music. Is it kind of an obsession? You could use some of the music stuff when you are haunting people too. It can really set the mood.

                    • Always loved it but cannot play a single instrument (see my About page for that)

                      I think my fingers are too short for instruments, they look normal but when I place them against others they look stumpy. And gloves never fit..

                    • Yeah, I read your About page. It might be better this way. If you played an instrument, you would probably just be in a band or at least be practicing too much for blogging. Then the world would basically stop turning.

                    • Nah, I wouldn’t like all eyes on me

                • This could be a suprising result, Tori is more popular than I expected.

          • I wish! I’ve never dream laughed out loud before.

        • I was already asleep, I just commented on your blog that i miss all the fun, I don’t mind the blog hijack. It reminds me of a story but I’m going to put that in a post.

  7. I actually have a very strict no-shooting-in-the-face policy.

  8. Shot in the face. No contest. This does not mean I don’t like Gingerfightsback. Just like the Nirvana version better. Tori sounds like she’s having an orgasm.

  9. princessvonvoodoo

     /  April 27, 2012

    I love the holy fuck outta Tori Amos! Seriously….She wins…like always, in my book. I kinda like Nirvana as well but not as much as her. I saw her live and she sang with Maynard of Tool and I’m pretty sure I sounded like I was having an orgasm as well.

    • And she did something great with this song, changed it right around. And Nirvana ripped that riff from The Pixies so they lose points.

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