Booze, Booze and more Booze – My Week Condensed

1)  Winning.  Yes, it’s been a good year for winning, it started with the Good Greatsby Caption Contest, then I was given 3 prestigious blogging awards, now I am reigning Spread Eagle, Camden Town, pub quiz champion.  A small mention should go to my teammates, but only a small mention mind you as three of them hardly covered themselves in glory, leaving it to two of us to steam over the finishing line.

Shamefully the announcer wouldn’t read out our team name, instead referring to us as “and the winner is…the table over there”  We had called ourselves The Bitter Old Queens, I’m not sure why she felt this was not suitable for announcing over a microphone, Camden Town is a pretty liberal place, and I never battered a glittery eyelid at the runners-up titled The Football Hooligans which she did announce.  So a name synonymous with violence is ok it seems, just call yourselves The Rapists why don’t you.

A previous time I called my team after a Pavement sleeve note “Cock sucking fools at Pussy licking school”   That got read out.

We revelled in the success and the fortune (£24) that was bestowed upon us with our score of 45 out of 50, below are the ones that slipped from our grasp, I will add that two I am proud to not know, one I most definitely knew but was vetoed and the other the quizmaster was wrong, and yes, of course I still complained to them.   I played a quiz machine in a pub before and the machine was wrong, I wrote to the company with evidence of the correct answer.  They never replied.

Here are the incorrect questions:

a) Who plays Steve Macdonald in Coronation Street”

I don’t watch soap operas so was pleased to not know this, it turned out his cousin was actually paying at the next table, he wouldn’t sell us the answer even when I flashed some coinage at him.

b) Whose song starts: “You’re insecure, Don’t know what for, You’re turning heads when you walk through the door”

The answer was One Direction, see, am so glad I didn’t know it.

c) Has Chris Hoy been knighted?

He has and I knew but my teammates disputed vehemently.

d) Picture round, you had to identify the Cities from a photo clue.  We failed on a picture of Dracula

Quizmaster was adamant it was Transylvania despite my protests that it isn’t a City, we actually put the town the castle is in with my friend having visited 6 months prior.

e) Anagram round, A PERFECTIONIST, you had to make three words meaning to achieve greatness.  I don’t even remember the answer, but give it a go and let me know.

So not bad going, I now plan to conquer every pub quiz in Camden, so I can’t be identified I will use a different team name each time, some of you lot know a bit about me now, please furnish me with any suggestions for future team names that may or may not be called out by the announcer.

2)  It was a drunken weekend, my friends were visiting from abroad, gifting me 3 bottles of spirits, day 1 began practically beating down the doors of the pub at midday, from that moment I knew how this weekend would pan out.  We stopped drinking at about 2am that night/next morning, the next day we started drinking at about 2pm, broken only by a theatre trip, drinking resumed at dinner and we carried on until 2am.  The final day we started drinking at about midday, this carried on until they left for their flight at 5pm.

He’s a picture of me as a gibbering wreck on the final day hanging with the tourists on Camden Lock, it will prove to subscriber 118 that I’m real, though still do look like a thumb.

I did have friends with me but I cropped them out of the photo, it’s not like I drink alone and ask tramps to take my picture

I only see these friends about once a year – it’s just aswell, my body can’t take a battering like that too often.   And now this weekend is a 4 day weekend and I know how they usually pan out.  Shit.

Sorry but that’s all I have, I expect everything happened and I was too drunk to remember.

As well as trying to solve the anagram above, and furnishing me with quiz team names go back and vote for Dinosaur Jr vs The Cure in the Cover Version Contest, you all came out to the polls and it’s 2 a piece, I don’t have draws so someone needs to go and vote for one.

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  1. Am I #118? even if I’m not, I’m so glad you told us your weekend story, and showed us the picture. You are gorgeous. Is that a tatoo peaking out from under your sleeve? Tell me that story sometime.

    • Someone disappeard from my subscriber list but I can’t figure out who it was, most of them are defunct anyway, the subscriber list is a bit of a lie, you click on them and they are closed accounts now, they gave up blogging.

      You mean you haven’t seen my post, “My Thailand Tattoo”? It’s under the London Departures category, I put up some video stills from the film the tattooist made for her website.

      • I will check it out, but please remember that I haven’t actually been a follower for too long. Lucky for us it was love at first sight when I saw your thumb.
        My thumb, and the rest of me are married, but sometimes I think people just have some kind of weird connection. Maybe it is one-sided, but I adore you. I have since…hmm I guess a little after my failed conspiracy. I’ll shut up and find your tattoo post now.

        • That’s sweet, thanks, sense fo hunour can unite people everywhere! Do I need to send you links of my better posts then? Saves trawling through the crap

          • You can if you want. That will make my stalking of you a little easier.

            • My friend has a stalker who calls him from the end of his street every night to say they are there.

              • That is creepy. Maybe I should stop calling myself a stalker. Also, is it creepy when I say good morning to you sometimes? I just don’t sleep much, so when other people are blogging, it’s like the world opens up.

                • Nah, nothing bothers me!

                  • Good, because I was thinking about finding you and licking your windows. I don’t know where that came from…are you off work today? You seem like you have a little more time to waste with me.

                    • Good they need cleaning!

                      Nah, at work, it’s quiet with Easter coming up I guess everyone is off work

      • That makes sense. It is more fun to blog anyway. 😉

        • These exchanges are great for my comments total. I suppose that’s what Twitter is about for instant things like this, I can’t fit my rambling into 140 letters though. I do Facebook but got a bit bored of that lately, and I never link my blog to it, a few friends know about it but the blog is mainly separate, some people probably have no idea I blog, I expect they are sick of me going on anyway so are not interested.

          • Is that all I am…a number to you? I thought we had something special.

            Just teasing you. I don’t link the majority of my posts to Facebook either. If you ever decide to do twitter, let me know so I can stalk you there too, but really, I like WordPress the best. I think real life people are not as interested in blogging cause most of them don’t blog. It is kind of an insider thing.

            • I learnt tonight many friends follow me without subscribing, that’s like vouyerism, at least stalkers make themselves known. I’m easy to find on Facebook if you pay attention to my real name as the thumb is my pic there too

              • Okay, how did you ever think of using your thumb as a pic for these things? It is brilliant, but there aren’t very many fingers on WordPress.

                • It’s not my thumb, its from an artist, probably worth thousands and I could be sued, luckily my thumb is identical looking. Seriously, your challenge is to find me on Facebook, I gave clues to my real name on older comments. You have 24 hours before my tormentor kills me. I’m sober as a judge

                  • I know your real name. I stalk you remember? Just teasing you. I think you told me when drunk one time. 😉 Piece of cake.

                  • Don’t let them kill you! I am looking, but I have your name and location, and it’s not finding you. I’m going to keep trying, but you don’t have a private setting or anything on there right?

      • I’m so sorry. I tried to find you on Facebook, and I failed. You are probably dead, and it’s all my fault. I know you would never joke around with your code phrase because that would be horrible. How could I ever trust you after that?

        I really am sorry. I’ll make sure your cat has a good home. I’ll also try to find your real hoarder friend a therapist. It is the least I could do. We should have made some funeral plans before you got killed, but since we didn’t, we can cremate you and I’ll sadly take your vacation for you and sprinkle your ashes in the places you would have gone. I’ll never forget you SU.

        • I’m here Hobbles, I managed to overcome my aggresor, I fed them to the cat, she’s always hungry. I am probably quite private on Facebook so my family can’t follow me! I’m Jon Dyson, and location is Camden Town, I think, not London. I am gonna come out on Facebook soon and admit I have a blog, some people know and said such nice things last night abut it and read back on older stuff too. Who knew my real friends were as nice as my blogging buddies! 🙂

          • Your real friends aren’t as nice as me…how many of them have offered to lick your windows?

            I knew that was your name. I think you told me the day I nick named you SU. I think I put in Camden too.

            You might want to give your cat a TUMS or something. I don’t want her to get heartburn from all those bad guys. You are getting pretty good at escaping your tormentors. Maybe I should call you Bond, James Bond…

            Anyway, I am sure that all of the real people in your life will love your blog as much as I do (although they might not stalk you as much).

            I’m so glad you are alive. I might have cried myself to sleep if I still thought you were dead.

  2. Brilliant! I was trying to think of some ancient Greek/Roman scholar’s pithy observation about knowledge etc but couldn’t. But Ovid did say “Go on then. Just a swift half.”

  3. Ok, I know that is actually you only because we can see a tiny bit of your tattoo. (unless you faked the tattoo pictures from before….?) So you say you have friends but I’m not sure you didn’t just get your cat to take the picture.

    And why are you looking away from the camera? How drunk were you? Also, how old are you? I could never get as drunk as you do at my age. I’d be in a coma for weeks or dead.

    • Yeah it’s me! I usually turn my head when someone pulls out a camera, friends have loads of pictures with the back of my head. I’m not one of those people who pushes everyone out of the way when a camera appears. Maybe I just don’t evidence I can’t destroy.

      My friend was sat opposite in a hoodie and looking much worse for wear so I cut him out as a gesture of kindness.

      That was just in the afternoon, I was starting the final days drinking but I was still suffering from the night before, I can;t take it anymore, one night out is enough, especially all day drinking. I’m still recovering 5 days later. Oh, and I’m 36

      • Yeah, I think my drinking days ended around the time I had to care for a crying baby all day. (Although, strangely enough, those were the times I really needed a stiff drink) Last time I was knee-walking drunk was 12 years ago when I was 30. God, the memories!

        I have to warn you, Joe. You are closing in on the time when you won’t even be able to have a sip of wine without a hangover. Starts around 40 years old.

        • Hah, love that phrase, knee-walking drunk, I’m gonna borrow that!

          I don’t get too bad, luckily I can pace it well and I just stop when I’ve had enough, my body refuses any more alcohol, so I am never int hat really bad state so loved by binge drinkers, I can always find my way home withotu crawling.

          I shall treasure the next 4 years 🙂

  4. Hey SU, just wondering if you are drunk yet. Also, I wanted to let you know that I pored over posts and comments just to find your code phrase, and it’s “I’m sober as a judge”.

    Now, you never have to question how much I care about you. 😉 I hope you aren’t too hung-over tomorrow.

  5. I’m from SF so when we have parties it involves alchohol and medicinal substances for our aches and pains. It actually keeps the hangovers at bay because a cross-fade takes you twice as far in half the time!

  6. Sounds like it wasn’t a bad week, and you did manage to win despite the quizmaster’s ignorance.Oh, and I’m over 40 and regularly drink with a guy pushing 50. He can probably drink us both under the table consecutively and still make it to work the next day.
    I can make it to work I just won’t be very happy about it.

  7. Sorry to comment again, but I heard this song on the radio, and it made me think of you:

    • What reminded you of me? I used to see them at free festivals on Brighton before this song was out, never a fan, but always reminds me of my ligging days

      • It was mostly the drinking…I did think that maybe you fell down and got up during drunken moments 😉 Plus they are from England right?

  8. I’m so glad people mentioned the tattoo. I thought it was some sort of weird layered lacy sleeve.

    • Better wear white tree from now on, it does look like a mess far off, it makes sense when close up, and when I’m topless so you can see the dragons head. So that’s not often, lacy sleeve it is!

      • Oh — I meant that as a criticism of my own poor powers of observation, not of the tattoo. Although now I’m considering getting fishnet stockings tattooed onto my legs.

  9. It never hurts to know things. It is even better if you remember them when you are drunk. What were we talking about?

  10. Seems like you had quite an eventful weekend/week! Hope the holiday weekend treats you well 🙂

  11. Just stalking you…heavy breathing now…

  12. Man, I wish we had pub games here. The closest I got was guessing if the chicks at the table next to us were male or female… 😦

    • That sounds like a great game, don’t knock it

      I don’t know how it could be adapted for a version for the home though?


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