Get Well Soon, Lily Limps-a-lot

There is no humour here, this is a cat post, everyone’s got a cat post in them – call yourself a blog and you don’t have a cat post? – Pah!

This is a Get Well card to my pussy.

I found her in the kitchen slumped on the floor unable to move at 1am this morning after being woken by what I thought was a break-in.   I saw her lying by her food bowl and I thought she doesn’t normally camp out waiting for breakfast 6 hours in advance.  She looked up at me but no begging for food meowed from her mouth, I walked past her to the back door when she would normally accompany me for a cigarette but she remained.

I caressed her head and she looked up at me in silence with her big marbled eyes, her body looked odd, granted it;s hard to notice her body shape under her bulges but I gently stroked her back and near her back legs and she let out a cry of pain.  She tried to stand up and limped a couple of steps before collapsing.

Lily is not the most graceful of cats, where other cats stand statuesque purveying proceedings from their pedestal, Lily stands legs akimbo looking more like a lesbian trucker.   Her clumsiness has often been amusing, though it has never injured her before, she just has the most ungracious way of moving with terrible balance and bad footing.

I sighed and rued the day we got rid of the car as I scrambled for a taxi number after finding a 24 hour vet in the area.  Off we drove stealing into the night with a cat carrier in dimly lit Camden Streets arriving in a cute cul-de-sac in Belsize Park, equally eerie but thrillingly so, a feeling you can only get from some of London’s older streets with cobbled roads and foggy street lamps that you imagine a Ripper lurking in a nearby alleyway, not a soul around just complete quiet – a rarity in London.

The vet examined Lily, she was a good patient only crying out when the vet found the source of her discomfort.   luckily it is not anything serious, she is sore and bruised. I am imagining how she fell, she often sleeps in weird places, preferring a rucksack or a carrier bag to lie on than something comfortable.  My rucksack was on the table, had she slept on it, rolled over in her sleep and fell awkwardly into the table and atop her food bowls?  Had she been attacking the fish tank and fell trying to break through the glass that frustrates her every day.

She camped out at the vets overnight, it wasn’t the same coming back home without her there, to not have her parading round my head to wake me up in the morning, she was my alarm clock, that combined with being out at the vets all night meant I never woke up anyway and strolled into work 2 hours late.

She’ll be back home when I get there after work, I made a throne for her out of furry throws and cushions so she will hopefully not want to go and sit somewhere higher up and put pressure on her leg.   I needn’t have bothered, she’s probably going to be sitting on a pizza takeaway menu that gets posted through my letterbox instead.

Her clumsiness cost £650, still cheaper than raising kids though.

The drama queen has fainted again

No wonder she falls if this is her choice of beds

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  1. You have a beautiful pussy SU. You know what we Americans call pussy right? Anyway, sorry to hear about her injuries. I hope she gets well soon. Maybe you should get her a large hamster ball to roll around in, if she is clumsy a lot…just a thought.

  2. PlumaBlanca the working cat here,
    I yam purring for her to feel all betters.

  3. You’re cat really looks like she know how to relax, Joe.
    Hope you have a wonderful evening flopped on the couch with her when she gets back, all safe and sound.

  4. We had a cat that looked exactly like that cat. Her name was Pixel.

  5. Sorry to hear about Lily.

    Not sure what the currency conversion is in Canadian dollars (too lazy to look it up), but I would rather raise a kid than a cat any day. And I’m allergic.

  6. FML…I meant I would rather raise a cat than a kid….

    • Aaah, sorry I read the replies in the same order.

      I’m allergic to kids, snotty little noisy oiks. When I was a kid my mum walked me around on reigns, like a dog leash, they were normal back then, I expect that’s not allowed these days.

  7. Poor kitty — I hope she gets well soon.

    • Thanks Laura, it’s weird to see her out of sorts and feelign sorry for herself, hope she’ll be back to normal and pesting me all night soon enough

  8. I know how you feel Joe. Our cats and dogs birds and such ARE our kids. It can be heartbreaking for sure. Doc says it is sore and bruised? Then rest assured itty kitty, better known as Pussy, will be fit as a fiddle in no time. Of course, she may milk it for as long as she can seeing as how all that pampering can make a pus, urrr, kitty feel good and special.

    • She gets spoiled enough, she’s feeling sorry for herself so hiding away. She’ll let me know when she’s healed

      If anything happened to her, not sure I’d get another, no cat can match up (I expect all cat owenrs say that)

  9. Poor girl. I hope she’s feeling better. All of the cats and dogs I’ve had in my life were like family members. Closer to me than some family even!

  10. I feel bad for your kitteh, but not so bad I didn’t laugh at your cat-tree photo. My bad.

  11. Good morning SU. It is 4 something in the morning here, but it’s like 10 something there right? Anyway, I thought you might be up, so I wanted to wish you a great day from your favorite stalker! 😉 I hope your cat has a better day too.

    • Morning! That’s it, on my coffee break

      She seems fine now, over-reacting I expect, as if she doesn’t get enough attention.

      I’ll be absent from WordPress from tonight for the weekend, so just so you know I’m not held hostage. I have friends visiting from Luxembourg so it’s a bit rude to be on my laptop when they are here 🙂

      • That makes sense, and thanks for letting me know that you will be safely absent. Have fun with your friends!

        • I’m going rowing on a boat on Regents Park lake. Then I’m getting drunk for two days

          • That sounds like a whole lot of fun. Okay, so the boat, make sure you don’t drown…it is hard to send out your code phrase when you are in the lake, so don’t let anything happen. Drunk? Just don’t start running around naked in the streets. They probably won’t let you blog in jail. 😉

  12. Spouses, pets and kids. They will bleed your bank account! But you gotta love ’em.

  13. Poor girl! I hope she heals up soon, and it sounds like she has a good chance with you looking after her.
    I loved your description of the trip to the vet’s and of your cat’s character. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Guess I’ll have to write about my cat now…


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