Introducing….Rev 78

This post is a bit of a departure, I am drawing on my journalistic roots (you may recall my week on a local newspaper, you probably won’t but I won’t hold that against you) and bringing you an interview with Rev 78

I managed to wangle this based on the fact they are my mates, and it was all done via the magic of email, I would have done a live interview but alcohol gets in the way of a serious interrogation.

You can check out more about Rev 78 at their website but you won’t find illuminating answers to these much thought about questions asked by other renowned artists.

1)      The Who – Who are You?

Rev 78: We’re Teddy, Jimi, Tom & Dave & we are Rev78.

Joe Hoover: Yes I know?!

2)      Bob Dylan – Where are you tonight?

Rev 78: We are playing a gig in Manchester, England… At a venue called the Roadhouse. It rains here all the time…

JH: How did you find the people in Manchester.   Friendly aren’t they?  I remember buying a magazine in Marks and Spencer in the Trafford Centre and I wasn’t allowed to leave the till area without exchanging life stories with the checkout assistant.

Rev 78: Our driver ‘Graham’ purchased a bottle of Lucozade… its an energy drink… pretty horrible really… anyway… he walked out of the shop and onto the street with it and a Mancunian lager lout took one look at him and said “Look at you with yer Lucozade, you silly twat.”

3)      Explosions in the Sky – What do you go home to? 

Rev 78: Pickled eggs & gravy, baby… Occasionally a scotch egg… Sometimes scrambled…

JH: You leave the windows open at home I’m guessing?

Rev 78: Only on warm nights… it can get rather stifling.

4)      Pulp – Do you remember the first time? 

Revsters: No, but I remember the last.

JH: I’m talking about with another person.

Rev 78: I was very drunk, I honestly don’t recall… unless you count the time my dads friend touched me…. I blocked that out though.

5)      Jimi Hendrix – Are you experienced? 

Rev 78: We’ve been known to make a good omelette.

JH: I’ll be the judge of that……So you should enrol in Joe Hoovers annual omelette challenge – I’m the judge.

6)      The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)?

Rev 78: Quite a few of our songs are about this very subject!

JH: You’re in love with The Queen too?!   I dunno what is about her – the saucepot

Rev 78: It’s the way she carries herself… and her wave… you can tell she must service Prince Phillip alot with that stiff wrist… talking of which… why isn’t he known as ‘King Phillip’?

JH: How did you go from The Queen wanking Prince Phillip to why isn’t he a King?  Maybe it’s because he’s the one handling her Majesty’s jewelled purse and her stiff wrist is caused by her striking him when he keeps coming up for air.

Rev 78: WanKING Phillip.

7)      Tina Turner – What’s love got to do with it?  

Rev 78: Exactly… It’s a second hand emotion.

JH: Ike really hurt her didn’t he?  Still..that’s no excuse for looking like a tranny hooker in the video.

Rev 78: Maybe that’s why he hurt her… Maybe she was on the game and his jealousy got the better of him?

JH: No, she only adopted that look when she hit the 1980’s.   It must have been something else she did.

Rev 78: Are you sure she wasn’t a closet hooker? Like all those men what dress up in their wives clothes when alone in the house?

JH: Tina Turner is a man in a wig?  No wonder Ike took umbrage, must have been quite a shock.

8)      Rod Stewart – Do ya think I’m sexy?

Rev 78: Only when you do that thing you do… You know the thing…

JH: (Eyelashes flutter and giggles)

Rev 78: nod nod, wink wink…

9)  The Flaming Lips – Do You Realise?

Rev 78 – That most American car horns honk in the key of ‘F’?

JH: You’re yanking my chain?  Some of my bloggy mates are American AND they drive a car, maybe they can back this up.  If I find out you’re lying to me…..

Rev 78: Its true I tell you! Truer than that nonsense about a ducks quack not echoing… they do echo, I’ve heard them… I was crouching in a bubbling brook, washing my under carriage whilst on a camping trip.

10)  Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever?

Rev 78: Monty burns & Disney. Personally, I would have liked for Elvis to live forever. And Freddie Mercury… And Kurt Cobain… Jimi Hendrix… John Lennon… You know where this is going!

JH: Yes, and Luther Vandross of course.

Rev 78: Tom Kirby, a friend of ours genuinely loves Luther… he plays him just before leaving the house… to get in the mood… for love.

JH: I’m keeping his name there for all to ridicule.

Revsters: He won’t mind, honestly, he’s a genuine Luther fan… I wonder if Luther fans have special names (aside from special needs)? Such as ‘Vandrosians’ or ‘Lutherheads’…

11)  David Bowie – Life on Mars?

Rev 78: Definitely… I saw a documentary about it. Arnold Swarzenegger was in it… People are living there now.

JH: I remember that and it’s being repeated soon with Colin Farrell.

Rev 78: Collin Farrell is moving to Mars too? They’ll all be there soon… I’m inclined to make the move too given the price of chicken in this country.

12)  Frank Zappa – Why does it hurt when I pee?

Rev 78: I advise you go see your GP. We’re not equipped to answer such questions. That said, we will say this…Steer clear of knitting needles.

JH: Hang on, I thought this was the number for NHS direct?  Well this is embarrassing……..

13)  Bob the Builder – Can we fix it?

Rev 78: Yes we can!

JH: I was referring to a botched sex change operation I saw on tv, but glad you can help, if you don’t mind scrubbing up we’ll put you to work straight away

Rev 78: We will do our best… we watch lots of television on such subjects… Scrubs… ER… Greys Anatomy…. is Greys Anatomy a medical programme?

JH: Kind of but it’s a factual show taking an indepth look at the insides of Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey.  From their studies they discovered that she really did have the time of her life

Rev 78: I imagine she did, hanging out with Swayze… did you know… in his spare time he was a doorman? He was widely regarded as one of the best… I saw an interesting documentary with him in, and he’d lend his muscle to bars and clubs that needed it the most… I can honestly say I’ve never sat down to watch ‘Dity Dancing’ from start to finish… I watched it standing up… BOOM!

JH: You sure did, since you were dancing along with it at the time…..

Thanks chaps, that was us out won’t you..

You can download Rev 78’s debut album ‘Boy in the Blitz’ on Itunes

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  1. Fun & games! Nice work JD!

  2. I love it when you make me think and laugh at the same time.

    • What made you think there!?!

      • Now I spend my time trying to come up with song titles I can use in everyday conversation. I want to speak in only song lyrics for a whole day.

        • Great! When speaking in coutry names isn’t enough…

          I’m never good at these games, actually I was doing it on a comment thread on Hotspurs blog the other day using Pixies song titles. I can probably do it better if it’s focused to an artist otherwise there is too much to choose from.

          • Right, this is the kind of idea that spirals out of control, I fixate on it, then I start jotting down notes, then I want to turn it into some kind of project like a novel or movie script, I work on it for months, then move on to something else, and have more useless pages n my boxes of crap.

  3. Great interview. They have a great sense of humor (as do you).
    Good to hear that they’re nice guys. Still listening to the tracks, enjoying them so far

    • Glad you like it. I recall their first gig this was before I became friends with them and I went with their mates I knew, my friends so dubious as to if they’d be any good (where’s the faith in your friends!) Luckily they were so we didn’t have to feign plaudits

  4. Loved the interview, even if you did steal all the questions.

  5. Very funny 🙂 They sound like a laugh! I must have a look at the videos when I have more time.

    • Once track was featured in the backing music of an ITV show lastw eek, I never noticed as I was caught up in the drama! It was a documentary about married couples following them over the years. One guy said he had only every loved one woman, and it wasn;t the wife of 15 years who was sititng next to him at the time. Hilarious. Oh yeah, but Rev 78 were playing there somewhere, I thnk I was laughing too much

      • LOL, British men have such a strange sense of dark humour towards their wives, and wives in general : ) Do you know if the band get paid much when a tv show uses their music like that? Just curious!

  6. That is some good stuff SU.

  7. No…you got kidnapped again?

  8. What is your code?

  9. Help! Help please! Help my SU friend! Quick, before they pull his nails out!

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