A Recipe for Murder – The Musical

Thank you to those who persevered with A Recipe for Murder through all 5 instalments, and thank you to the latecomers who feel like they read the last page of a book and now have no reason to read the rest.

After my meeting with Alan Bennett I discussed the possibility of dramatizing the series for the West End, he liked the idea but thought it would be better served as a musical.   He put me in touch with Andrew Lloyd Webber and we began auditioning for the roles and then thought, why don’t we just ask the stars themselves?

I then contacted Ina Garten and the crew who were thrilled by the idea, and I can exclusively reveal some rehearsal shots.

Paula Deen revels in her Dita Von Teese burlesque number

Ina and Jeffrey do The Phantom of the Opera

Rachel Ray guides her class of Ina Garten’s gays as the Von Trapp children

The  show-stopping finale sure to bring the house down.

Tickets go on sale for the West End run shortly before transferring to Broadway.

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  1. I hurt myself laughing… but never make me think of Paula Deen in that way again, or I am coming over there with my food processor and putting you in it one piece at a time…

  2. That is so funny SU. I love it…you have some great photoshop skills.

    • Nothing has high-tec, I just copy and paste using ms paint. I like its crudeness, kinda fits. Never played with PhotoShop, I’ve a feeling i would fall in live with it and have no time for heavy drinking

  3. Yeah, that Paula Deen in a martini glass scarred me for life.

    • Sorry guys, should have put up a warning, its still dita von teeses body, just squint when looking at it.

  4. I love the fact that you put Giada’s head on the person with the smallest hat.

  5. What a cast!- what a show! – nice to see nigella looking so trim too! Love it!

  6. Reblogged this on Espacio de MANON.

  7. Haha. Being an Aussie I did not recognize all of the names. I looked up Paula Deen and laughed. She appears to be a British Tammy Baker lookalike who can actually bake.

    • Now I need to look up Tammy Baker. I’m English but prefer the American food channel, they are all mentall ill, and put the british chefs to shame for entertainment value

    • Yeah, may I suggest neither of you look up either woman. Ever.

      • I must, for chef wars…the final milking of this whole series, I’l introduce you to the british chefs who are gonna do battle with the US chefs.

  8. I loved this, Joe. I woke up this morning and knew I was missing out on something disturbing and clicked on your blog and got more than I bargained for. Thank you.

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