It’s a Mutiny! (a kind of guest post)

Avast Me Hearties!

I picked up the free newspaper whilst sat at the bar last week, what I saw had me in stitches… the paper had been pirated.

The newspaper vandal was the barman Dave, I said I’d scan them and stick them up here – I think you’ll appreciate it.

So we’ll call this a guest post even though he has no blog for me to direct you to, you can’t even go to the pub and engage in some banter with him as he left at the weekend

Thanks for the laughs and pouring my pints Dave!

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  1. Thanks for the laugh!! For a time around our house, no magazine or newspaper was safe from this type of thing! (even phone books got the treatment!)

  2. Excellent guest post. I have to admit the first thing I do when I get the TV Guide is black out the person’s teeth and add a few tattoos and beards. If you’re ever on facebook, they have a ‘pirate option’ down at the bottom of the page and it changes everything to pirate-language, avast and ahoy and shiver me timbers stuff. I did it once and it was the most fun I’ve ever had on facebook, before or since.

    • Never noticed that, it sounds much more fun. He started working on a spaceman edition afterwards but I’d have enough to drink by then

  3. I will never again read a non-pirated paper while enjoying a Boddington’s

  4. If the publishers start doing this, sales will skyrocket!
    Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of pirate news?

    • It’s a shame Somalian pirates have ditched the traditional pirate ways, we’d all love their tales of plundering far more if they did.

  5. If somebody pirated my husband’s Wall Street Journal, I might actually read it!

    • I suppose many would say bankers already act like pirates, but no one loves them in the same way, Maybe a wooden leg and a parrot on their shoulder would endear people to them and we could have avoided the whole Occupy Wall Street thing

  6. This is exactly what the world needs to help us remember why we need printed newspapers.

  7. Hahaha! I love the parrot. . .SQUARK! Priceless.

    • He got it wrong in that in the headline the guy should have been a parrot, but that’s just being picky of me (or pecky)


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