A 100 post milestone and a blog spring clean

First things first, in honour of me shaving for a meeting this morning (incidentally I am still waiting to be called in to join 4 hours after it started) I thought it time for my blog to undergo a sprucing up aswell.  The Elegant Grunge theme was wearing thin, I’m not elegant, although I was grunge but that stopped when I turned 23.

I found the type before to jammed together and harder to read, what do you think of the new theme, do I look hot in it?

The 100 posts were pretty vague, though a couple that don’t really count and I deleted many from the early days since the focus of the blog has taken a different direction.

I started off with the aim of creating a blog for advice on newbies to London, practical and informative information (like there aren’t enough of those about already)  I’d done pretty well getting best answer on Yahoo Answers for people asking questions that they could have found anywhere if they bothered looking, but interacting with people on a direct level appealed and thought I would take it further.

The purpose of the blog changed quickly since I only had history to back up most of the content, when you live in a place so long you kinda take for granted what’s on your doorstep so whilst I have all that London has to offer I don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as I should.

I’d always posted random shit on Facebook which whilst sometimes met with appreciation, most people never responded that frequently, if something is more than a sentence long they tend to gloss over and read the next entry on their wall such is the nature of information on the medium.

I started expanding on the thoughts that I put up on Facebook and found a home for it here.   I was stunned to be Freshly Pressed once night at the gym, whilst trying to muster the energy for a workout I began to be inundated with comments, I didn’t need another excuse to quit the treadmill and ran home as if I had won a golden ticket to the chocolate factory.

The London advice thing is not lost though, I’ll hopefully have some stuff published on a Camden website who have invited bloggers to submit some work for the more discerning reader who are more interested in what to do in Camden rather than joking they are gonna get robbed at knifepoint and then eaten by rats.

Not sure how I’ve managed to fill out 100 posts, I haven’t really gone back over them, it’s quite possible I’ve just been repeating myself over and over and how kind of you to keep quiet about it.

I had no idea what to expect from this blogging lark and has completely amazed me, firstly that people are reading and are entertained (in the loosest sense of the word) by what I write, but secondly and most importantly the sheer number of great blogs I’ve discovered – and still discovering.

I am constantly blown away by the humour, the stories, the poetry and the personality exhibited in your blogs, I don’t know you, many of you live on the other side of the world in completely contrasting lives but your personality shines through so much in your writing that I feel I know a bit of you now.

A few of my friends read my blog, many don’t know about it and others are not in the slightest bit interested.  They don’t see the point in blogging, they think I am detailing what I had for breakfast and reading about what everyone else had for breakfast, so what’s the point.

Why don’t they apply that logic to anything else in life, so then what’s the point in taking a photograph, or painting a picture, or creating music, or collecting stamps, or stuffing dead animals, it’s just a hobby.  Is their reasoning that something is only valid if it sells by the bucket load, appreciated by millions of people?  Luckily I’ve never been of that mindset and surely the evidence for that is clear, things that are popular are generally shit, music film, books – are there even any blogs that millions read anyway?  If so, it’ll probably be shit.

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  1. No idea how I ended up here first (possibly you “liked” one of mine, and I tracked back), but I’m glad I did.
    Glad you like doing it and will keep going on. You’re blog is definitely in the categories above.
    (humor, poetry, personality)
    (not the shit category)
    (in case I wasn’t clear)
    (As I often am not)
    (know what I mean?)
    (yeah, I lost me too back there…)

    • Cheers Guapo, I found yours doing HE Ellis and Hotspur’s scavenger hunt.

      They’ve some excellent followers, still got many of them to check out properly.

    • El Guapo, I am getting a little tired of you always finding the best blogs, posts, whatever before I do. I went through all my followers inviting them to the dark side, and you were on half of them. Now I’m just hanging out looking at Joe’s older porn and here you are again.

  2. Love the new theme, Joe, it suits you. Congrats on the 100 posts and the FP! (which one was it?) and for keeping us very entertained. Your line it’s quite possible I’ve just been repeating myself over and over and how kind of you to keep quiet about it. made me laugh because I often wonder the same thing about my blog.

    Two more things: I hate facebook and, I had cereal this morning, you?

    • FP was one of my week condensed about killer bees.

      I just get a deja vu feeling when I write some things but I suppose it’s just because they keep swimming round your head. I just can’t justify so many posts otherwise!

      Cereal, interesting, do you have an adult one or the ones for the kids?…I had a hot cross bun. I bought great things for the meeting, coissants, other pastries, grapes, clementines, biscuits, chocolate snacks and just ordered sandwich platters for their lunch, but I’m still at my desk missing them all the treats.

      • I wish it was Cookie Crisp, but no…sadly, it was Cracklin’ Oat bran which is just a fancy way of saying “tasty nuggets of cardboard dipped in shellac”

        What kind of place do you work?! That is just mean. I’d be busting down the door demanding my clementines pronto.

        • Hah! See that’s why I mentioned the adult cereal, it’s always horrible, and they don’t give us a free toy.

          I would skip the clemtines, I got some great treacle cookies. I’m managing an office so covering it on my own now, suits me, they are just watching a slideshow presentation from our supplier, sounds boring, so am on blogging instead.

  3. I found your blog on Freshly Pressed. 🙂 I love your blog. You crack me up. I can read your blogs and my whole day be brightened. 🙂

  4. Love the new look. It really works with the clean shaved face, but now I’m worried my theme makes me look fat(ter).

  5. Congrats on reaching 100! I cannot see your new theme as I am using my iPhone but I’ll be sure to check it out. So working out at the gym is the secret to getting Freshly Pressed? That explains a lot why I haven’t been.

    • Thatw as probably the last tiem I went aswell, goign back til August I think. Still paying for it every month though.

  6. I am still catching up on your old posts. Don’t delete too many.

  7. I like the new theme (it’s actually the same one I use).

    For breakfast this morning I ate almonds and dried cherries while drinking a latte in my car. Yesterday I had Greek yogurt and blueberries. And I almost wrote “whilst” just now, even though I’m American and never say “whilst”.

    • That’s a healthy breakfast, like the sound of yoghhurt and blueberries. Oh well, justified my friend’s thoughts, we’re here talking about what we had for breakfast 🙂

      Aah, the same theme, it’s a ncie loking one, I never noticed. I tried 5 out that were all kinda similar, but this won out. It’s funny how you recognise your theme when looking at someoen elses blogs, that’s why I changed mine, I saw two others with the old theme and it just confused me, I thought they had hacked into my blog. I suppose this is what makes us uprgade to paid ones to customise them in the end.

  8. Congratulations – Queenie in a Bikini and Cat People – you must be doing something right! Here’s to 100 more and many more besides…..


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