A lazy weekend post

Can’t be bothered to write, instead this is my favourite news story of the weekend, a couple who just returned from 36 years sailing the world.

That’s gonna be a long evening when they show their photo slideshow to their friends.



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  1. Hahaha! So true!

  2. Wow. I should do that…

    • They had a pretty fancy boat to start themselves off in fairness. I don’t think I could aford one on what’s left in my bank account, maybe a canoe

  3. That is so romantic… and a little strange. It does sound like a hell of an adventure.

    • I’d like to see that in comic form. The waters may have been to choppy to sketch and they probably have arthritis now so would struggle to hold then pen

      • It would make the bare-bones basis for any kind of story you could want. I see a Tin Tin sort of a story, with an old yacht with teak decks, and maybe some Indonesian pirates and a treasure.


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