This post is a waste of my time – Anonymous

I’m having a rant today  (Don’t worry, it’s just a blip, normal drivel resumes later this week in the form of  A Recipe for Murder – Part 4, The Simmering)

I’m pissed off by people who never listened when their mother told them “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.   Of course I ignore this advice with people I know, you’re allowed to openly criticise those closest to you.

What I hate is I suppose trolling, but not quite, sometimes there is some good banter when an argument strikes a comments page if humour is still at the forefront of their point, but then when it descends into pointless baiting then I take umbrage with this.

I’ve not had this on my blog but I have been seeing it crop up on others recently aswell as other forums I partake in.

It especially bothers me on blogs though as WordPress is a supportive forum, you don’t know these people but can empathise or just love their writing and people are genuinely friendly, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the experience since I joined.

If you start reading and are not interested, click back.  Don’t read the whole thing and comment about how you didn’t like it, what’s the point?   Are you really that put out you read something for a few minutes and weren’t instantly bowled over enough that you must declare “I read this for a few minutes and it didn’t bowl me over”  or “I didn’t laugh once”

I read such a one this morning and I immediately thought I will reply and ask them why they bothered to write something that wasn’t constructive, or helpful in any way.  The article was just a bit of fun, there was no reason to comment at all if you never found it funny.   But then I removed my mouse from the reply comment button for fear of creating a monster and it wouldn’t be fair to the blog host to witness a cat fight all over their page.

Some sites are set up to take this abuse, Maddox (Best Page in the Universe – his website title not my opinion) for example, his articles are bound to start conflict, then when someone does bother following him on Facebook for example, they make comments about how shocked they are – er..kinda the point, you must have been looking for the knitting appreciation group and lost your way.

If something doesn’t affect you then just ignore it.  The same as when there is something you don’t like on TV, switch over.  You have a choice.

I relish a complaint, see my KFC letter from a previous post, but this personally affected me, not getting my popcorn chicken ruined my birthday 😉

But when I see that 200 people complained about two men kissing on a TV show that is watched by 7 million people I get annoyed.   The TV network says “We have to uphold all complaints”  No you don’t, ignore them, they’re idiots who have nothing better to do.

Reminds me of a Freshly pressed post a while back about gay marriage in New York, it attracted plenty of people who came on to say what an abomination it was.

Let me figure this one out…they saw the heading, they read the first line which was pretty clear, but instead of thinking, “This isn’t my cup of tea, I’ll click on the next Freshly Pressed blog – the one with the recipe for pecan muffins”.  Instead, they scroll all the way done and declare everyone will burn in hell.

I personally don’t like muffins but I’m not gonna go on that blog and comment, “I tried your pecan muffins and they tasted like a tramp had taken a shit in my mouth”

You get my point though?

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  1. Absolutely agree. What percentage of anyone on the Internet is actually making any money? We don’t owe anyone anything. We’re just trying to share a little of ourselves and make people laugh or think. If you aren’t impressed, just move on, but never, never, never say you’re not impressed.

    • There you are! Quite why WordPress decided to lump you with a coupon offer for Victoria’s Secret and Kansas City Drug Policies in the Spam folder is a mystery!

  2. Well said. Sadly, anyone can get on the internet.


  3. My feelings exactly. I’ve seen it time and again where some nimrod leaves a nasty comment for the sole purpose of stirring crap up. It’s pathetic really. I had loads of nasty comments once on a post about hiding in the bathroom to take a break from my kids, it was completely tongue-in-cheek–but one guy actually told me was I was horrible parent, should have never had kids, I am the worst trash in the universe…etc. Even though I knew he was trying to bait me, I did feel a sting for a sec–then I deleted his comment, didn’t even give him the time of day because that’s what they want.

  4. 98% of the people who read a post on my blog for the first time think that it’s boring — and yet, no one has ever left a negative comment. Why? Because when people are bored and feel like they’re wasting their time, they don’t want to waste more of it; they leave and get on with their lives.

    If someone leaves a comment complaining about a piece being boring, they’re really saying that they’re jealous (perhaps they’ve tried to submit articles of their own to the site and have been rejected), that they’re starved for attention, or that something in the post made them angry.

    • And no sooner do I post this that a FP’d post is getting abuse. Views from the couch.

      She’s swore a lot, to be honest I was slightly amazed as it’s WordPress and I thoght they had their rules for FP. And the grief she’s getting is for her swearing – it’s kicking off over there!

      My point is highlighted there perfectly, if someone didn’t like swearing,(she says fuck quite early on), then they can just retreat and read the next FP post instead.

      No way 98% think your blogs boring!

      • I saw that — I think they bent the rules on swearing because the language was really effective in that post.

        • Unfortunately many people couldn’t look past it to see the message, so blinded by a swear word. Good luck to her having 700 plus comments to go through!

  5. I wish I had something more inspiring to say but really I just agree with you. People are always sticking their opinion out there where it doesn’t belong. I love it when people post something on my Facebook page that I do NOT agree with. Should I say something back or do I delete it? What is the point of saying it anyways?
    So, like I said at first I agree with the whole blog you wrote and I loved the finesse you added in at the ending when a tramp took a shit in your mouth.

    • On Facebook I would reply and argue a point but I only have my close friends on there and they are mostly wrong anyway!

      But it’s a bit unfair on others who we don’t know, I’d not waste my time disagreeing with them over the keyboard.

      I’m quite good at not expending my energy on things, from idiot’s opinions to never being too hot or cold, I can keep my body at an ambient temperature by just relaxing.

      What I mean is like when people fan themselves enthusiastically when they’re hot, I just think they are working up more of a sweat by their frantically waving their fanning device. If they just relaxed they’d be ok.

      This has nothing whatsoever to do with my point but I just necked a load of coffee so it’s spewing out in typing form!

      • Ha ha..I’ve so done that before. The people that usually put anything on my Facebook are my family. My friends know my opinions and how I feel. I was lucky enough to be born in the Bible Belt of America. Can you tell there is sarcasm in that sentence? 🙂

        • Oh yes!

          My only flirtation with religion was going to Sunday school as a kid because I fancied a girl who went. The experience was as short lived as fancying girls was, but the thing that stopped me going was having to mentor a new kid with a massive head. I couldn’t get round his huge head, it freaked me out. And no amount of colouring in of biblical scenes ( and I loved colouring in) would convince me to stay,

  6. I love this post for so many reasons. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I realized how many anti-social people out there have nothing better to do with their time than give their two cents on issues that aren’t even being raised. It’s fascinating, really.

    For example, one could write a light-hearted post poking fun at Eskimos, and wind up with a three page email from someone calling you an Inuit racist.

    That’s just off the top of my head, of course…

    • Do Eskimos have a wireless connection?

      Maybe they get a penguin to run on a treadmill to power up. How they get hold of a treadmill is another matter.

      Some people have an opinion that they think is correct and they have to let everyone know. They are always right so it’s never worth engaging in the debate.

      It’s sad for them as they will never listen, nor learn anything new so they will be static of thought their whole lives. How boring.

  7. I left a comment when this was first posted but it went to your spam folder.

  8. You are so right. I am all for constructive criticism, but when people have to keep harping on a subject just because they don’t agree, is another thing. People “troll” when on their computer. It’s “safe,” they can say what they like without much consequence. It is most likely because in real life, in person, they have very little voice or conviction or confidence to say or do what they want.


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