On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never paid heed to it, along with other greeting cards holidays, just ask my mother – Mother’s Day,  what’s that?   I might change my tune if they bring in Middle Child Day.

Love is in the air all across WordPress as odes to loved ones spring up in my inbox, some are touching and hilarious in equal measure as you’d expect from the bloggers out there, see some here:


Good Greatsby

She’s a Maineiac

Unfortunately I can’t elocute as well as them, so this will have to do:

A Poem for my Valentine

You helped me settle in when I arrived all alone

With you I made friends and a place to call home

Some struggle to read you, you’re mistaken for being cold

You’re just weary from your years and the stories you’ve told

I scold when you’re messy and when you make me late

But it’s easy to forgive your worst character traits

Fizzing with life when you’re lit up and it’s late

But I love you in your most fragile, intimite state

I ponder our future, wonder if we’ll ever part

but know you will always hold a place in my heart

Sometimes I need a break but I miss you when I’m gone

I’ll love you forever, my home,  London

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  1. Loved the poem! Makes me want to finally visit.

    I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, not when I was living alone and single and not now that I’m married. Really, it all comes down to just another excuse to eat chocolate and drink wine.

    • Why do you make that sound like a bad thing?

      Lovely ode, Joe!

      • Thanks Peg, maybe I’ll make Poet Laureate!

        Just made me want to finish off the wine in the fridge too. No chocolate though, don’t have a sweet enough tooth, what about wine and pickled onions?

    • Don’t visit this year, it’s gonna be mental busy, I’m trying to get out when it does!

      I rebel against all holidays, even Christmas – I just don’t like it when they shut the pub for a whole day!

  2. Don’t sell yourself short, Joe. You’re as eloquent (if not more so) as anyone else out there.
    beautiful ode to home!

    • It was either London or the cat and she pissed me off this morning by sitting on my face to wake me up, so she blew her chance of a poem

  3. That was a great ode to a great city.


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