Zumba world record attempt

It was saddening to read of a failed world record Zumba attempt

I thought about ways they can make a better crack at it next time:

1) With an average of 8000 people unemployed in the county of Dorset, wouldn’t it make sense to “Zumba for your giro”?

When the queue starts to cash their welfare cheques they must partake in the Zumbathon before receiving their handout.

In one swoop they would quadruple the world record, the unemployed have some hours to kill before they head to the pub or back home to watch daytime TV anyway.

2) Keep an eye on the weather forecast and head to Heathrow Airport for its customary closure when it snows.

You’ll instantly have thousands of cold, stranded passengers who would welcome the chance to warm up with a Zumba session, a perfect start to their holiday.

3) There were over 2000 arrested during the London riots.  I can’t help thinking that if they had an enjoyable hobby like Zumba then they wouldn’t have felt as restless as to go out looting and burning down buildings.

It’s not too late to do something to encourage this forgotten generation of kids.   Let them Zumba their way to a fresh start in life.

4) If they can wait a few months til the Diamond Jubilee then The Queen can lead the Zumba line to the thousands who plan to turn out.

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  1. After looking up what Zumba is, I think I’d rather just bear the stigma of being in prison or being unemployed than joining in.
    I mean, there would be video of it man. No way to ever live it down.

    • It does sound like the ultimate shame, I sound like a fan but I just know it from watching informercial TV whilst getting over a hangover.

  2. Nice to see Queenie fightin’ the flab.

  3. That is so sad they failed to break the record. Such a shame.

    My friends are constantly yapping about Zumba this and Zumba that, it drives me batty. I can’t get past the name to even find out what the hell they’re talking about.

    I want to thank you for that picture of the Queen gettin’ all jiggy wid it. I am sure I will see her again in my nightmares tonight.

    • EVeryone is always laughing and smiling on the ads, I’d look like I’m having a seizure, and I probably would be.

      I don’t have photoshop so have to crudely doctor pictures cutting and pasing on MS Paint. It’s old school but it suits

  1. All Hail The Queen « londonsurvival

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