The lost art of customer service

I’ve still yet to hear from KFC regarding my complaint after being shortchanged some popcorn chicken.  This led me to considering the complete lack of customer service we have in the UK.

If you’re planning a trip to London especially with the Olympics looming then brace yourselves for some ignorant service, wrong directions and surly commuters.  Oh, and you don’t need to tip, just tell the waiter who threw pasta down your lap to take it off the bill.

I had a whole host of examples of terrible service I’ve encountered but it honestly developed into a novella so I gave up.

At the tube station:

In the pub:

Out shopping:

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  1. I’m sorry your customer service isn’t up to par. Here they surround you like flies. They harass you with their perfumes and shiney things. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

  2. Haha! I can’t stop laughing at the last one.

    Seroiusly, “Somefink” is my new favorite word…

  3. To me British accents make even the most rude nasty comments seem delightful.

  4. We lived outside of London for two years, and met all kinds of silently surly commuters – mostly because we stood on ‘their spot of pavement’ while waiting for the train, or sat in ‘their seat’. It was great fun…

    • Their routine is their life and you messed with their heads! You have to play games with commuters lukcily there are some out there who do likewise, you suddenly see someone pretend to open the doors as if they are a magician with a wave of the hand.

  5. Once got shortchanged a chicken nugget. Mentioned it next time I was in and they gave me a few extra.

  6. Customer service is lacking most everywhere, I think. “The customer is always right,” no longer exists. Helpfulness, going even slightly beyond the job, courteousness?. . .Fohgettaboutit!

    • I get that mantra drummed into us at work, I can’t believe it’s lost in America? If I ever go and don’t get over the top assistance and well wishing every where I go I would be disappointed 🙂

      London’s not reknown for being friendly, it is but it just takes a while to crack their exterior. I love being asked for directions for example that I’ll offer to take them myself so they don’t get lost.


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