My Thailand Tattoo

Here are screen grabs from the video my tattooist sent me of me being tattooed, I haven’t taken any photos of it healed yet as I have a spot on it that ruins the effect  for photo purposes –  nothing to worry about the doctor said, an in-grown hair/insect bite, it’s healing now after first panicking that I had contracted MRSA!

Please bear in mind that the camera adds 10lbs

I like that the dragon looks like he’s going to bite my nipple off.

Friends reactions have included:

“You’ll regret that when you’re old, it will look stupid”

I think I’ll be more concerned about my dodgy hip, or where to find orthopedic shoes

“That is so gay”

This came from the campest person I know.  Pot Kettle Black

“Why did you get a dragon?”


“Where you born in the Year of the Dragon?”

Ok, yeah, let’s roll with that.  

On further investigation I missed the year of the dragon by 10 days, I could ask my mother if I was premature as it could tie in nicely.   In actual fact I am year of the rabbit, and Thumper would have made for a terrible tattoo.

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  1. I think it’s cool as hell and noticed the way it cannot be seen if you have a shirt on. Business man by day, Bad Ass by night?

    • I’m flattered i could pass for a business man, I go to work in jeans and tee shirt and manage an office. luckily I’m good at the job that they don’t care I am unshaven and unkempt.

  2. Whoa! That is incredible! I thought we were talkin’ a tiny tattoo of kermit the frog or something. but THIS is a tattoo. And a dragon eating your nipple is pretty serious stuff. How long did it take and how much pain we talkin’?

    • My friends did too, and to be honest I thought so until they did the transfer and I came over all light headed and thought about running away. 11 hours total, 7 hours one day and 4 the next, mostly ok except the last hour where it was enough, I was willing it to end and was in agony. The outline hurt loads, as did certain parts near bone or under armpit and underside of arm, and chest…so that’s pretty much most of it!

  3. I have a Jesus fish on my low back. My sister calls it my “tramp stamp.” Not really the impact I intended. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. I do think the dragon is pretty cool, though. Glad you don’t have MRSA.

    • Thanks, my brother has one there too. I don’t think it looks as good there on a guy! It’s his daughters name so he gets away with it

  4. People said the same to me about my tats. I’m old …people should just be glad I’m not beating them with my walker/cane or mowing them down with my wheel chair.
    I think it’s beautiful. Well done.

    • Yeah, it’ll be cooler when we’re in the retirement home, the badass witht he tats will be top dog and get control of the tv remote

  5. I think it looks good. Incredibly detailed, and although I would not get something so big, I have a little rose tattoo on my hip kind of area.

    • Thanks, I happened to be in the town on holiday where this girl ran a tattoo school in Hua Hin, took 11 hours, 7 hours one day and 4 the next. I reserached to find a good one, can’t be too careful, especially in Thailand but they were great.

      It’s my first and only tattoo, I got it in December just gone. I waited so long to get one I thought I may aswell just go for it, but as soon as they put the stencil on me I almost fainted as I then realised what I was about to go through!

      • Fainter…do you travel a lot?

        • Nah, just annual holidays manily, I take a holiday further afield every two years, rest of the time I just stay in Europe, am off to Valencia in Spain in 2 weeks for 4 days, then another part of Spain for two weeks in June.

          Flights are so cheap, a return cost me about £40 and accommodation for the 4 days is £100 total.

          I’m no backpacker, I like some comforts, I’m good at researching good deals though as I book it all myself separately.

          • Sounds wonderful. I always wanted to go to Italy, but not anymore. It would be hard logistically I think. Spain sounds lovely too. Take a lot of pictures, and write about it okay?

            • I’ve been to Rome, people were rude. great food though. If I win the lottery I’ll send you over First Class!

              The 4 day trip is a city break so eating and drinking obviously…the 2 week break is a villa break, mainly relaxing by the pool.

              • Sounds like heaven. Are you still going to blog during your vacations, or are you taking off from that too?

                • I usually do still blog, maybe not my 4 day break as I have hand luggage only on my flight so don’t want to carry laptop. The 2 week break I will ahve to I like to be in touch with everyones blogs or I miss too mcuh good stuff, they said my villa has no internet, this worries me…

  6. Yeah, I would be worried too. Just don’t get kidnapped by people who don’t let you blog. I’ll keep a look out for your code phrase.

  7. look great!!!

  8. Very impressive tat! Your dragon would eat my tiny bird for a snack! I commend your fortitude in getting such an long and involved tattoo. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have run for the hills! And I’m not quite sure having the dragon heading for my “sensitive button” would have the same effect! Well done, my man, well done!

    And, nice try with the camera adds ten pounds..I’m gonna use that! 🙂

    Thanks for giving me the heads up on this post! And, many thanks for reading mine! Always appreciated!

  9. I think the tattoo is fabulous! I looks as if you got it all done in one sitting? Wow, that must’ve hurt for weeks after. Beautiful tattoo. You picked a great artist to do it.

    • It was over two days, 7 hours then 4 hours, went quite quickly first day but had enough after the second day.

      I am going back to Thailand at Christmas and have booked myself in for her again, she was really good, tiny little Thai lady, but she’s won loads of awards, it’s actually a school she teaches tattoing at.

      • I can’t wait to see your next one.

        • She was trying to get me to do it in my first week there but that means not being able to swim or sunbath for the second week which is not possible. It’s too hot there to be kept out of the pool. And it’s a bit dry there and dusty which doesn’t promote healing, needs to be done couple of days before I come home. She said she would change her plans around (worth it for her, as two of us getting big tattoos, so it’s good money)

          Still half the price of tattoos in London and better, but you have to research where to go, if she wasn’t available I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

        • I always read about people trying to get into tattooing on here and every single one has a tattooist ( supposedly pro) preaching about how you need an apprenticship to become a tattooist. When I highly doubt that the know themselves that the first person to ever start tattooing didn’t need a mentor and that there skill came from good old fashion trial and error. Any moron knows that it takes a bit of practice to become a professional at anything and that they never could do what they do when they started out. I’m pretty sure that more than half of the artist out there have all started out in there basements doing the exact same thing there preaching about not doing. Just seriously tired of hearing that you have to have an apprenticship to be a good artist when all it really takes is a bit of study and practice. I learn from watching others and I’ve done quite well on myself from watching others get tattooed and videos I’ve found online so eat it. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing till I feel I have mastered my tool and then I’ll get my license to tattoo others. If your gonna critize others about it you have no right to be an artist of any kind. A real artist appreciates others work no matter the flaws you see and if you feel someone is doing something unsafe be a kind heart and educate to help that person move forward. So what if another artist is out there if your that good then you shouldn’t have to worry and at the worst it’ll give you more work if they suck. Just saying I’m going to keep doing what i’m doing and when i feel i’m ready i’ll move the next step forward in my work. until then if you want to say something say something helpful and stop talking shit because you were con-ed into paying thousands of dollars to learn a trick or 2 that we can now learn off the internet or dvds for free or 20+ bucks..

  10. I love it! You look great by the way. 10 lbs. Pfft!
    That is a boatload of ink! Why are people so rude? Haven’t they ever heard of diplomacy? You should use a little Irish diplomacy: The ability to tell someone to go to hell so they look forward to the trip!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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