Birthday Quiz

I’m turning 36 tonight, apparently at 8.10pm to be exact (my mum held me in long enough to finish watching Coronation Street).

Here are some happenings in my life and some numbers, each thing matches a number.  See how many you can get (answers at the bottom of the post).  There’s no prizes for winning.

Jobs since I left school

Times I’ve been arrested

Number of times I’ve fallen into a pond

Number of driving lessons I’ve had

Letters published in the press

Number of Hangovers

Countries I’ve visited

Number of Sexual partners

Number of Tattoos

Times I’ve moved house since I left home

Number of flatmates I’ve had

Number of deceased grandparents

Number of stolen bikes I bought

How many of my bikes have been stolen

Age I started smoking

Number of tooth extractions

Number of Fractures



















Jobs since I left school – 3

Not bad considering my current one is almost 14 years

Times I’ve been arrested – 1

Moving on…

Number of times I’ve fallen into a pond – 1

Alcohol + dancing in a back garden gig = semi submersion in the duck pond

Number of driving lessons I’ve had – 0

I live in London and I cycle – what’s the point?

Letters published in the press – 3

All moaning about cyclists

Number of Hangovers – 2257

If I’m being kind

Countries I’ve visited – 16

Granted mostly in Europe

Number of Sexual partners – 21

Same one for the last 5 years, I guess that figure is going to remain static then…

Number of Tattoos – 1

Only a month old

Times I’ve moved house since I left home – 12

I like packing

Number of flatmates I’ve had – 23

It’s them not me!

Number of deceased grandparents – 3

I hope this doesn’t change to 4 between me typing and publishing this

Number of stolen bikes I bought – 1

Your point?

How many of my bikes have been stolen – 2


Age I started smoking – 28

Peer pressure

Number of tooth extractions – 3

Wisdom teeth, I don’t look like a hobo

Number of Fractures – 1

Alochol  + running up concrete steps = fractured jaw


How did you fare?:

0-4 – You don’t know me at all, I’m insulted

4-9 – Lucky guess

10-14 – You have a great ability to read people from limited information, a career as a fairground psychic beckons

14-18 – I’m taking out an injunction to stop your stalkish behaviour

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  1. Happy birthday to you!

    I am relieved that the 2257 was hangovers and not sexual partners.

    Since there were no prizes offered, you have to tell us more about this arrest. Hmm?

    • Cheers Darla! I wish I had thought of that I could have built a reputation as a lethario.

      The arrest was about 18 years ago, I will only say that someone from my school had joined the police force so they remembered me and was unlucky enough to be present for my strip search, we never did keep in touch after that…

  2. I got 18 – are we related? Happy Birthday

  3. Happy belated birthday!

    I would like to enter my quiz results as: “I didn’t bother guessing; I’m satisfied that I would’ve been 100% accurate by some combination of luck and ingenuity. I wanted to give others a chance at winning.”

    • Thanks! I haven’t had many replies to the quiz, I find it strange no one is interested in how many teeth I’ve had removed….

      • I’m always surprised when no one responds to my quizzes and polls. Why is it that no one wants to tell me which pair of shoes I should buy online?

        Then again, in your case, maybe the quiet had to do with the disturbing picture displayed at the top of this post. I try not to post placenta when I’m asking about shoes.

        • Valid point, men just don’t want to see that and mothers may not want reminding. I actually watched a fly on the wall documentary last night about childbirth, it was actually very well made, and if seeing a 17 year old girl screaming in agony doesn’t halt the teenage pregnancy statistics then nothing else will

          I swear I’ll answer you next poll/quiz, though my knowledge of shoes is very limited.

          • What I never understood were the husbands who want to watch their wives (or men with baby mamas, whatever) go through that. How could you ever want to revisit that crime scene after you saw the gore? I’d need to invest in a new wife, stat.

            Yes, I’m a nice person.

            I’m also a nice person who never plans on having children.

  4. What Maineiac said! HA Happy Birthday Joe. See I told you that you were young.

  5. Just found this post while stalking you. I need to bookmark it. I wasn’t counting how many I got right, but it had to be a lot.

    Happy late birthday Joe. I don’t think I even knew you when you wrote this, but I feel like I’ve known you for years. Anyway, thanks again for asking about me today. I’m feeling kind of sick now. Do you think that means I am getting the real drug? Or am I just tired because I couldn’t sleep. Am I overanalyzing?

    Anyway, thanks for being a great friend.

    • A pleasure! How many did you get right 🙂

      It must be the drip making you sick?

      • I hope it was that medicine making me sick. That might mean I got the real thing. I’ll go back and write down my guesses. I’ve seen the answers, but I know I got the drunk one. 😉

  6. Oh yeah, and what were you arrested for?

    • Erm….I haven’t told anyone who asked here. but it’s an old post, who’s checking!

      I was 20 and was arrested for cocaine possession. Only a teensy amount. My pub back where I grew up was a bit of a student, grunge hangout and the police didn’t like people with long hair so they raided it one night.
      I got a fine of £200 and a record for life, that’s why I may never be allowed in America. I can apply for special visa but the security in America can still revoke it when you turn up. It was the same for Australia I applied for special visa but I got in there ok, they just want you to be upfront and it was 16 years ago and had to prove I have a stable job and enough money in my account and they were fine about it. America is a bit more strict, they seem to think I’ll corrupt the whole country! I will do it one day as there are some places I want to visit, it’s just a pain to sort it all out. I read forums and some people say to lie others don’t, I would just be honest, not worth lying on the forms, that won’t get you anywhere.

      Canada seems better, if it’s more thna 10 years and you would not get a prison sentence for the crime over there then it’s assumed you are ok, I would still apply for a visa there too just to make sure I got in, wouldn’t want to waste the money I spent on the holiday.

      So when I eventually have enough money where should I go in America? I would have to go for a month

      • That is a hard question. Probably see the grand canyon. Florida has a lot of cook places to go. Come visit me. (as much as I would love it, Oklahoma would be a waste of time, nothing great to see here). What type of thing do you want to do? Indoor outdoor level of activity, etc? You should write a post and put some choices in a poll, so we could vote.

        • You have a Zoo!

          One of my fave bands, the Flaming Lips are from Oklahoma so I woudl love to got to their Halloween parade, March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons. Or I think they do a New Year gig every year too, so I would consider Oklahoma or anywhere else named after a musical!

          Outdoors I am not active so I would want a bit of chillin by a pool, probably not Florida though, somewhere different. I want to tour places from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, we don’t have proper diners here.

          I want to ride a train, possibly one down the Pacific coast. I want to see New York and hang out at the anti-folk clubs and see some great acts and check out San Fancisco, not bothered by LA. Maybe Seatlle but may do that if I go to Vancouver to visit friends.

          I suppose I should do Vegas and the Canyon, my sister loved it.

          • My sister lives in Seattle. This whole trip sounds like so much fun! You have to do it.

            • I wonder what your sister is like?

              • She is so much fun. Goofy, silly fun. I have another sister in Florida. All three of us are in different time zones. They are both really sweet and fun, but the one in Florida is more serious than me and Ruth.

                • You are all so far away from each other 😦

                  • I know. It is just the way we are. My parents live in the fourth time zone. We just followed our hearts I guess. I sometimes wonder though…

                    • Where did you all start off in?

                    • We moved around a little when I was a kid, but highschool was in Nebraska and that is where all three of us branched out of.

                    • I will have to Google where that is. Hey, am watching a show on hoarders! They all have cats, poor things. And they called in these people to tell them to chuck stuff out, I see a career opportunity

                    • Have you ever seen animal hoarders? It is a tv show too. The people usually hoard other stuff, but then they keep animals…rats, chickens, cats, etc. It is always sad though because they find skeletons and stuff when they are trying to help clean up and take the animals to shelters or whatever.

                    • Now way! That’s gross.

                      He cleared it all up though, as he had a transvestite alter ego so he stuck his wig on and she tidied it all up.


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