The 28 Bus

Passenger boards bus:   “Morning driver, do you stop by the Sainsbury’s on Garratt Lane?”

Driver: “Yeah”

Passenger:  “Thank you, would you mind alerting me when we arrive?”

Driver: “Sure”

Driver:  “We’re here”

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  1. Quick trip!

  2. There was also this one about 10 minutes from where I live:

    Our bus drivers go through a rigourous selection process and intensive training regime which include learning how to drive a half empty bus straight past a bus stop of waiting passengers and steering into puddles to splash passers by.

  3. That is stellar customer service… or a sad example of what happens when you drink on the job. It’s a toss up, really.

  4. How do you manage to drive a bus onto the pavement and into a huge supermarket, I’m going with your drinking angle.

    It’s a lonely job I guess, they are incased in a perspex cage to prevent being assaulted and the only conversation they get would be from an alcoholic who just rides the buses all day to keep warm, that must be who he shares his tipple with


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