An expert in the bleeding obvious

Who do you turn to in times of crisis, when you have a dilemma you need help solving?

This is especially relevant in today’s climate and people’s money issues, luckily in a shopping centre in Enfield this week a  money “expert” was dishing out her “advice” to people overspending.

Amongst her nuggets of essential tips included advising someone out of work to “find employment”

In reply to someone worried about their debts she advised them to “watch what you are spending”

Someone else is struggling, she amazingly reveals he should “cut back on your spending”

A pensioner is worried about his savings, but what should he do?  “keep an eye on your savings” is the revelatory reply.

No shit sister.

She then went on to advise that if you put one foot in front of the other you can miraculously “walk”.   And if you feel tired you should lie down in bed and close your eyes to achieve “sleep”

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  1. What is even more amazing is that she likely gets paid for spouting such obvious idioms.

    • It irked me as having got myself out of debt I reckon I have some good tips, suppose you need to know a bit more about peoples spending habits but her comments weren’t particularly insightful

  2. I want that job.


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