Thailandsurvival Week 3

Day 15

We arrive in Bangkok and are seated at a table and served afternoon tea whilst they check us in

They come back and ask for a credit card, ok, I guess they just want an imprint to charge should we bill anything to the room.  They tell me it’s declined, they are trying to charge a security deposit which equated to about £700 – as much as I already pre-paid to stay for 6 nights.  I have about £650 free on my credit card but this wasn’t the point, why charge a deposit? – as if we were going to strip the room of its giant TV and Nespresso machine.

We were led up to the suite on the 56th floor:

Day 16

Up at 9am to go for the continental breakfast in the club lounge, slim pickings a coffee and a pastry is not substantial enough.  Head down 30 floors for the buffet breakfast but its open to the whole of hotel whereas the club lounge was for the top 10 floors.  We have to follow a dress code in the club lounge, but in the buffet breakfast area anything goes, some people were in swimming costumes, others even in their robes.  I’m no clothes snob and the dress code was often a pain when I wanted to go for a drink and needed to get changed, but I don;t want to eat my breakfast adjacent to a 40 year old woman in Winnie the Pooh pyjamas.

GO to the cinema that night, only 20 seats, each like a first class airline seat in your own pod, fully reclining, quilts and pillows and a butler service, people can be heard snoring midway through the film such was their comfort.

Before the film started they played the national anthem across images of the King out and about and children playing, you all have to stand in honour of this – just as I had got cosy under my quilt too.

Day 17

Tattoo peeling is well underway, liken it to a snake shedding its skin and has become itchy maybe with the hair growing back too, mustn’t scratch.

Went to dinner in a lovely setting, sprawling gardens and salas with tables spread amongst them for some regular Thai fare.  American couple and two teenage sons sat opposite, older teenagers, the mother who I think is the stepmother now is sneaking them alcohol.  By coincidence I see them in my hotel lift foyer, we get in the same lift.  The mother is rubbing the back of the elder son a bit too much for mother-son relations.  Other men in the lift look her over, I suppose she does have a Mrs Robinson thing going on.

Watched firework display from the Mandarin Oriental, my hotel room is about 4 times the height of their hotel so I can look down on the display.  Must remember to wear underwear on the balcony under my robe next time, new neighbours saw an unscheduled display when my robe ties fell open.

Day 18

Christmas day.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas since I did it with my family weeks ago.

We have dinner in the open restaurant on the 51st floor  It came to over £200 which included just one glass of wine, I drank water, and two courses each.  It wasn’t worth it, distinctly average.

My friend had a meal of fois gras and kobe beef, I had to admire the imagination to create a meal made up of the most pampered animal in the world and the most cruelly treated.

Day 19

Get a tour boat along the river and adjoining canals, past people’s houses on stilts on the water, flood damage is clearly visible on many homes, though I imagine they were not The Ritz to begin with.  Like a vulture I eagerly snap away with my camera.

Coming off the boat I stop to admire the flotsam and jetsom by the jetty which mainly consists of stray flip flops.  There is a great deal of skill involved in disembarking a boat here,  it pulls in briefly and you need to jump on or off quickly, something which so obviously failed for many hence losing a shoe.   Kudos to the locals who acted on this tourist mishap by opening a flip flop stall outside the ferry terminal, so not far to hop when you inevitably lose one.

Day 20

Venture to the Grand Palace, killing time as bored on my own since my friend had to leave to go back to work.  I am guided to a building to obtain something to cover my legs, I see everyone being handed colourful baggy pants in numerous designs, they look me up and down and hand me some plain navy blue ones, obviously thought I couldn’t carry off the flamboyant look.

Day 21

Early flight, I’d relaxed enough in Hua Hin then Bangkok unravels that and you long to get back to the comparative quiet of London.

Seriously, London’s busy but Bangkok is another level entirely, traffic that doesn’t move and the only time it does is when you are trying to cross the road which is impossible.   Streets are hard to navigate as shops spill out and street vendors set up everywhere, tables are slapped on every pavement for people to eat from the carts whilst you also dodge the stray dogs lazing idly in the shade and stray cats darting about trying to grab a morsel of food.  Chaos.

Thailand is an amazing place and that is why I keep returning, you can have a completely different holiday as it caters for all tastes and budgets.

My flight passes uneventfully, much helped by considerate passengers around me – what a difference they make, it’s an overlooked thing, if someone put considerate airline passenger on a CV they would jump the queue for interview.

So what’s been happening with you London?

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  1. The theater is incredible. Are they all like that? Your trip sounds amazing. I’m glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to see the new body artwork. Don’t worry when I get tattoos my body breaks out in a dripping sweat and I get faint sick. I just have to concentrate hardcore on a game on my phone or something.

    • They had different levels of seating in different cinemas, so they would have regular ones but the same films played in 4 theatres so we picked the luxurious one, still cheaper than a rubbish seat back home.


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