Fifty Five Bar, Camden Town

I was dubious on meeting friends here since last time I went we were charged £17 for 3 small bottles of beer, not impressed considering a budget pub is over the road.   But we were enticed in with their 2 for 1 cocktails offer.

My verdict afterwards – I still don’t like it.

I happened upon their employee handbook which then helped me make better sense of the place, here’s an excerpt from it:

General customer service instructions:

Ignore the prices in the drinks menu, just charge whatever you like.  The customer may quibble that a £7.00 cocktail on a 2 for 1 offer should still be £7.00 but don’t worry about that, charge anything from £8.00 to £12.00

If someone looks comfortable on their table tell them they need to move to accommodate another party, ideally we would like you to move them to a table that is reserved.  If they question that the new table is reserved already just tell them that they won’t have to move if the other party arrives.   Once the reserved party arrives move the others on again and deny all knowledge of ever telling them they could sit there.

If you’re in the middle of mixing drinks for a customer don’t worry about walking away and doing something else instead.  They’ll wait why you address a trivial matter again and again.

Don’t clean the toilets and make sure any filtration system is switched off, the bar should have a faint smell of urine at all times.

You are paid to act ‘cool’ and pretentious, this image should be the first thing a customer sees when they come through the door.  Don’t smile and carry an arrogant sneer, they stupidly give us money, they are the mugs so treat them as such



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  1. Sounds like it is time for a new pub, Joe Joe

  2. Plenty to choose from we have hundreds. Five are under 2 minutes from my house. This one is a trendy cocktail bar, not my scene, I like something a bit rougher round the edges.

    I’d drink in the bingo hall out of choice rather than go here again, but then I like the bingo hall.

  3. Becoming Bitter

     /  December 1, 2011

    “Charge whatever you like” – reminded of me this crazy taxi driver I met in a foreign country one time. I wanted to bash his head against a wall, but I’d be arrested.

  4. And for some reason the beer doesn’t taste better when you pay more for it, quite the opposite actually.

    • I thought this as I was with my friend at Gap at the weekend, his £19.99 shirt rang up at £3.49 which is less than a beer. I cursed him being slight and them having leftovers in his size they wanted rid of.

  5. *Randomly choose one or two people and absolutely refuse to serve them no matter what, until they look like they are about to leave, or are angry. Then inform them you’ll be right with them as you continue to seat and serve people who came in after them.

    • Exactly! I don’t know what it is with some service industries, even in my job where I releuctantly have to talk to customers on the phone, I do it as it pays my wages. Bar staff can;t make this connection and seem to think they are controlling our night out.


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