The future generation

Jobs are scarce for school leavers and graduates alike, this week statistics show unemployment in 16-24 year olds has risen to a record high.

These kids are our future:

 This student got herself tangled up in a clothes airer, emergency services were called to cut her out.  
Had she just washed these clothes forgetting she had nothing else clean so tried drying them whilst wearing them? 
Eyeballing vodka is a growing trend amongst our bratty teens.  Did the originator have a bad tick that saw them fire wide of their mouth and discovered this by accident?  
If we were to start drinking everything through our eye would we still need to go to the toilet as often?  
Tampons pre-soaked in vodka have also been used, I feel so old drinking out of a glass, how passe.

This girl was mocked for stealing two left shoes in the London riots.
Did anyone check the possibility she may have two left feet so was infact being practical? 
What’s with the gloves that look like oven mitts, as if she was basting a turkey in the oven when she heard the riots were on. 
 This kid got stuck in a chimney whilst trying to burgle a house.
He may have eventually managed to get down the chimney but he obviously never thought how he would ascend back up carrying a 50 inch flat screen TV – should someone tell him Santa doesn’t really exist and that a chimney is not a practical method of entering and exiting a home.
We’re failing our kids, we’ve not taught them how to get drunk properly, we’ve neglected to teach them the best way to break into a house and we’ve failed to tell them how to hire someone to do our laundry.   
We’ve a lot to answer for.
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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha…please tell me not all the people in the pictures are American? We get such a bad rep without pictures…

    • The girl in the clothers airer is English, the Santa wannabe is American, the riot girl is English and I guess the vodka eyeballers could be universal. America can hold her head up high!

  2. And I would have put money on the girl with the clothing rack was American.

  3. She’s ours! Hands off our future Mayor of London as she seems as bumbling as our existing one


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