Bathroom reading material – The Social, Little Portland Street

The Social – A bar that probably thinks it is shabby chic when it’s just plain dirty.  

Do they give you change at the bar on silver dishes to ensure you don’t drop it or do they really believe you are going to leave a tip?

Summary:  Scuzzy bar, terrible acoustics to watch a gig, but great toilet graffiti at the bottom of the door in the ground floor cubicle:

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  1. That…is awesome.

    • I wanted to make a compendium of toilet graffiti, ubtil I realised I usually just go to the same pub which has none! Luckily I ventured out for one night

  2. Is it wrong to assume it was a, ahem, very short person who wrote that? Way down that close to the floor? Hahaha

  3. inglesymagia

     /  November 25, 2011

    Okay, Joe it is. I found you when looking up what Gravatars were all about. So glad I did. Your wit and humour was a blast of fresh air. Woke me up, had me sitting up and taking notice, and well… thinking seriously of signing on to read you more. Sometimes, I feel like a dog on a leash as I follow all the leads to learn more and then suddenly, you jerked on the leash and took me down a whole different path full of the down-to-earth smells that doggies like to explore and can relate to. Your blog is fun and right on!

    • Thanks for the nice comments, yeah sign on or wait til someone else does as after that you’ll be the 60th subscriber and the 60th subscriber gets a prize*

      (*Prize will have no monetary or practical value and will not even be something tangible)

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