Transvestite Wrestlemania, all in a day’s work and the zombie underclass – My week condensed

1) A friend had his nose broken this week – by a transvestite.  Even more intriguingly the transvestite used to be a roadie for a legendary rock band, you couldn’t make it up!  

I’ve heard many versions of how the fight started but I suppose it tells us that it doesn’t matter how many chicken fillets you put in your bra, boys will be boys.

2)  I’m going to show you a drawing of my work premises.   I had a driver arrive this week ringing the buzzer to my office and informing me he wants to deliver 27 pallets of cable and asked where he should drop it off.  Imagine you are stood outside the office door and bear in mind it’s your profession to drive around delivering goods so you would be fairly up to date on how these things work.

I asked him to go to the warehouse, he replied “Where is that?” 

I felt quite bad saying it is just to your left, especially as the shutter was fully open so you could quite clearly see it was a warehouse.  Something else that gives it away is a giant sign on the warehouse door saying “For deliveries, please ring” with an arrow pointing to the buzzer.

I’m not sure how he thought he would deliver 27 pallets of cable if not via the warehouse, unless he planned to thread 100,000 metres of cable through the letterbox.

3) I usually like to have 3 occurrences in this segment, but it’s been a quiet week, I’m sure a Halloween weekend will create some anecdotes even though we’re piss-poor at marking Halloween in England, it’s becoming more popular but we really haven’t got the hang of it.  I commented on The Good Greatsby’s blog that I don’t get trick or treaters, I just get youths trying to kick my door down.  I was concerned that gifting them a selection of sweets probably wouldn’t satisfy them, they’d probably want my TV and the contents of my wallet instead.   GG alerted me to the possibility they could be zombies instead of youths as trying to smash a door down is a fairly common trait of theirs.  I wondered if he had a valid point, you could honestly not tell them apart.


Photo credits:  Zombie teens: Sam-site

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  1. Do you have Zombie walks there?

    • A work colleague was saying there was one in central London last weekend I think it was. It sounded more like a zombie pub crawl though.

      I guess even the undead need a pitstop to refuel.

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