Girl Power!

Few things make my sigh as the contents of this article.

This concerns the act of dating someone purely for their wealth but without the need to go on the hunt trying to fleece some foolish old man for his cash, this is a fully organised event, kinda like a puppy party. 

So what are the girls defence against accusations that this is merely a  form of prostitution?

Monique claims ‘I’m looking to advance myself to the next level’  

You want to advance to what level?  Is it a convention for gamers of World of Warcraft?  You’re looking for an ally to defeat evil ogres and combine your powers to find the elusive chalice of Ashenvale?  I’m confused, help me out here Monique – elaborate if you please.

Or Mandy states ‘I’m looking to find a boyfriend who’s willing to help me out with what I’m doing right now’   

Hi Mandy, so what are you doing right now that you need assistance with?  Do you need a hand to change a lightbulb?  Someone to give you some advice on your tax returns?  No? What was that – you want someone to give you loads of money to  buy shoes and handbags?  Oh well, why didn’t you say…

Is this the result of watching too many of these shows full of dumb rich people, Jersey Shores, Jerseylicious, Jerseylobotomised?  A world where wealth exists without having to work to attain it?  At least a prostitute is offering a service in exchange for cash but then again the men here don’t care about being taken for a ride so is there nothing wrong with this practice?

As I drove back to London from my home town recently we cut round the edges of Essex and East London, home to the UK’s own version of the Walking Undead, titled The Only Way is Essex, it’s along the same lines as Jerseythingamajigy, and we drove past a huge billboard about a dating site also called Sugar Daddies.  Blazoned across it was one of the  TV series lookalikes, all fake tan, hair extensions and fish pout, draping herself all over a rich man with wads of notes cascading from his suit pockets.

Is this what young women are aspiring to be, they look at rich celebrities who achieve fame and money for doing absolutely nothing so it seems a feasible career path.  Since when did fake tan, fake hair, fake nails, fake relationships become aspirational anyway?    Is there nothing wrong with being an accessory on a rich mans arm, no different to his Rolex, we may no longer be in the era where women are tied to the kitchen sink, but surely this isn’t empowerment?

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  1. If you consider that the common statement about prostitutes is “you’re not paying them for sex, you’re paying them to leave afterward,” I think this would mean that the above “dating” scenario is officially the exact opposite of prostitution. No sex, and you’re paying them to stick around and hang on you.

    I think I’d rather have a good old fashioned hooker. But then again, I’m not a creepy rich dude, so what do I know?

    • 🙂 A good old fashioned hooker.

      I suppose the girls actions are valid, the guy is willing it, so if everyone consents and I agree with any form of relationship as long as consent on both parts is involved, but then they are loving relationships I support which is not apparent here.

      I was once asked out to dinner by an eldery gent, I’d heard he asked this to lots of young lads (I was a good few years younger then) I declined and he asked why as it’s only dinner, but I’d heard about his expectations afterwards.

      I can’t be bought…. (well not for the cost of a steak dinner anyway)

  2. There are many, many forms of prostitution. If you come right out and say you want to get paid for your affection, you’re a prostitute. If you imply you want money and gifts in exchange for your affection, that’s supposed to be completely acceptable.

    • Maybe it’s harder work then lying on your back? I find it hard to be nice to people in a the job I am already paid when we have to fake niceties, so I imagine I would make a useless party girl, even after a few bottles of champagne I’d find it hard to carry off the charade..

  3. Well said Joe.


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