The birth of a new superhero – my week condensed

1) Back to Harley Street for another consultation and my 5th set of x-rays on my teeth this year, I’m hoping with all this radiation I may become bionic pretty soon, I best decide if I’ll use my powers for good or evil.

My dentist puzzled me, he charges £700 a root canal but is doing all 4 of mine for £2000, either he is very bad at maths or I get a bulk purchase discount.

I wondered what with Harley Street being the home of cosmetic surgery if other businesses have special offers….

2) Hopped on the bus went to the empty upper deck, pulled my paper out and perused the days news.   The next stop one lady got on and came upstairs and sat directly behind me,  I’m inclined to think she wanted to read my paper over my shoulder, I was having none of it and put the paper away.  Little did she know I could probably use my newfound x-ray vision to read the paper through my bag, she’d just have to make do with the back of my head.

3) Drinking with a few friends and random aquaintences Friday night, one by one people dispersed to go home leaving three of us, getting late and a few sheets to the wind, the other two proceeded to make out with each other opposite me, at first I thought it was very rude on their part, then it dawned on me – my radiation must have resulted in the power of invisibility, they must have thought I had also left.  For the next twenty minutes they carried on as if I was not there, truly some powerful gifts I have acquired.

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  1. I can’t believe I missed this post somehow Joe. You have amazing powers and I never have understood people who make out in front of others. People are crazy.


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