Camden Town is not Disney Land

Check out the latest plans to ruin Camden Town.  I loved the statement that deserved its own paragraph, “Camden Town is Not Disney Land”

I began to think,  Camden Town could be Disney Land?

After all, we have had our fair share of parades, check out the funeral procession for Malcolm MacLarens send off

I can envisage the daily parade consisting of oversized Amy Winehouse wigs turned into characters with just legs poking out from the mane.    People dressed as cigarettes and junkies needles, the goths and cyberpunks skipping alongside the floats (dustcarts) dragging children from the sidelines to join in the frivolity.

Dumbos Flying Elephant Ride would be replaced by the Pigeon ride.

The Mad Hatters tea cups? Why not hop on the empty beer can waltzers.

Or play dodgems in stolen cars

Have a watery adventure on the “Jungle Cruise” but watch out – you may capsize.

Stop off at the petting zoo and have your photo taken at feeding time with the resident rats.

Who needs Cinderella’s castle when we have Arlington House, its red brick facade dominating the skyline, whats more of a fairytale then this building housing the homeless.

Face your biggest fears in the Haunted Mansion and be terrorized by its resident Goth’s

You want Thunder Mountain? Then take the Overground line and be held up by our own gun-toting bandits in hoodies

Come to Camden-Disney, fun for all the family.


Photo Credits: Funeral: Dailymail, Cyberchick:, Barge: Camden New Journal,  Arlington House: Wikipedia , Goth Shop:, Hoodie chavs:

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  1. We have a city named Camden here in the US. It is one of the worst places on earth. Must be the name.

    Rob, the mainland

  2. Maybe they are twinned. In all honestly I love Camden hence I live here, people love or hate it as it can be noisy and busy and a bit scuzzy, it’s the centre of the music scene in London, tourists flock to the famous market. Minutes from the hustle and bustle there is Regents Park, London Zoo and Primrose Hill where the celebs live. I sound like the tourist board now.

  3. I absolutely love Camden! It’s like a little city of its own, i’m a Londoner and I like going there just for sightseeing. But my brother did get food poisoning when he bought some chinese food from one of the stalls

    • I have never tried the street food, I like a restaurant and a sit down! But I’m not surprised, whilst there are some great street food improvements (check out the eat street website) Camden still seems to offer cheap and cheerful for the masses. Vut despite it’s negative sides, I love Camden and would not want to be anywhere else.

  4. Mr. Rubin is correct about the Camden in the USA, although in fairness it sits on a river bank which affords easy escape opportunities from muggers and the like.

  5. Hi, I think this blog is amazing! I lived in the heart of Hollywood for five years, so i’ve seen urban Disney up close! I can’t say I miss the attractions, but maybe the constant smell of who cares on the sidewalk! Thank you for the follow! Keep writing!

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