Lily Let Loose

Cats are a popular topic on blogs aren’t they?  

It’s not just in the blogosphere, a friend recently posted a kitten picture on Facebook and everyone went insane overloading the server with responses.   One even dropped her baby so she could use both hands to quickly type a response to the bundle of fluff, this shows how much regard we place on a picture of a kitten.

I’ve blogged once about my cat Lily and her adventures in an urban London back garden, she even has her own Facebook page and about 12 friends, someone suggested that their cat may join Facebook and make friends with Lily.  The very idea!… it’s well-known she hates other cats.  

I wouldn’t call myself a cat person though (I know the evidence against me is damning due to the aforementioned social networking but hear me out), a cat person  underestimates their cat.  They think everything about them is so cute, they pick them up and squeeze then, baby talk to them and kiss them on the nose.   Their home is so cat themed it’s like Garfield has thrown up all over the threshold.

In truth you should always be slightly afraid of your cat, they will manipulate you for their own ends.  Lily likes to flip over on her back, legs akimbo, paws folded over begging you to rub her belly, once you foolishly oblige she clamps her claws on you like a vice and proceeds to create ribbons from your flesh. 

Beware -it's a trap!

With the aim of increasing traffic by tagging cats coupled with the fact she is holding a knife to my throat, I have decided to hand over some space for her…….

First some background for her About page:

I was abandoned, hard to believe I know, apparently some people don’t like me sitting on their face in the morning, so it was that I ended up homeless and pregnant.  I’ve seen teenagers  get a house when in this situation so it seemed an easy option.

Soon enough I was plucked off the street and at the homing centre, all I had to do was sit it out and wait for a house, easy days.  The next thing I remember was waking up drowsy and feeling a lot lighter, I thought I must have given birth in my sleep, turns out they’d aborted my kids, obviously not Pro-Lifers then.  

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, I’d been sent to a house to recover, I even had my own room, things were great for a couple of weeks then I was told I’d have to go back inside, turned out though that the foster carers wanted to keep me (I know how to turn on the charm).

Over to Lily….

Lily Let Loose

Whilst browsing the web I found this news story

Sounds to me like the cat should be deported, this islands full of Persians, Bengals, Siamese…they come over all exotic.  I can never understand their accents anyway, if they want to fit in they need to speak English, there was one of those foreign ones in the homing centre – couldn’t understand a word.

Looks like this ones been caught up in the middle of a love triangle, he’s still missing but sounds to me like he’s done a runner.  How does this bloke get away with having 2 admirers?   Unless he picks them up outside the Institute for the Blind.

 This is a bit freaky –  look at the size of him – he’d split me in two.

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  1. I am not a cat person but dang Lilly sure is cute!

    • Thanks! Where are all the cat people though? I must be using the wrong tags as I thought they scoured the web looking for cute cat pictures? Maybe it’s only kittens, oh well, Lily’s on the shelf at 5 years old.

  2. Funny! And she is cute! She looks like this stray cat who hangs around my house and has adopted me, named Bingley. (Yes, I crossed-over to the dark side and named her.)


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