Bathroom Reading Material

One of the highlights of a trip to the pub is the toilet break and the chance to catch up on some light reading.

Toilet banter is a lost art form with bars eager to paint over poetic ramblings, the exchange of short sharp wit often has me laughing out loud which in turn results in some very worried looking people around me.  

I have always wondered who carries a Sharpie on their person to wax lyrical on the tiles whilst on a night out on the tiles.    

Personally I’d imagine I’d have writers block like when you’re passed the communal birthday card to sign at work and I can never think of something witty to say so fall back on “you’re old, hah!”  

It predates Facebook and blogging for getting your views across to the general public.  I have to go over my blogging posts numerous times since they are mostly incoherent at first, by applying the same logic I’d make a terrible mess of the bathroom walls crossing out my mistakes.  

So I salute the toilet diarists, the porcelain poets, you entertain me more than you care to know.

This was snapped by a friend on her own toilet venture.

The first response is a bit unclear without clicking to enlarge, the author only had a biro by the looks of it

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  1. I shall never look at bathroom writings the same again.

  2. My favorite graffiti was in the bathroom at the Chemistry building at college:
    Fe Fe
    Fe Fe
    Fe Fe
    Fe Fe
    Fe Fe
    Fe Underneath was written: ferrous wheel

    • Wait a minute – when I typed that in, it showed in a circle of “Fe”s. Kinda kills the joke the way it looks now. Sorry.

      • My blog has specific parameters on circular themed comedy, it’ll disable it at will. That’s a great one though, takes more thought than random swears.

        Am I correct in recalling your own post that described a bathroom where everyone left messages on bits of paper? Nice messages though?


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