Couplet to Cyclists

I amble along admiring the scenery

encircling the park in all its greenery

Leaves on the trees begin to show Autumn traits

beauty missed by cyclists who daren’t be late

Why the hurry on such a nice day

with sun beating down whence usually grey

With morning mist lingering all around

You’re unawares focused on the ground

Clad in lycra from head to toe

berating me for going slow

Tearing round at optimum speed

battling each other to take the lead

Failing to stop at every red light

racing through til out of sight

Breaking the rules for their own sake

creating havoc in their wake

You ignore pedestrians crossing the street

you’re way too busy staring at your feet

pedalling furiously brushing everyone aside

you’re the cyclist cliché we can’t abide

You’re a danger to yourself, and the rest of us

with any luck you’ll be hit by the no. 31 bus


You’ll gather I’m not much of a poet.

It’s no coincidence my fellow cyclists look like they’re stuffed into a condom since they are such d*cks.   Using the towpath as a racing track, ignoring people with right of way at a crossing, causing cars to swerve to avoid them.

Putting the bad name they give respectable cyclists to one side, they are also missing out on the other pleasures to be had from cycling, enjoying the freedom it gives, the scenery you can admire, the funny things you spot along the way that they must miss hurtling along at breakneck speed.

Stop fast forwarding through life – you’re missing all the best bits




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  1. Joe, I was stalking your older posts and I love this…beyond words. Sorry, I know it might not be your favorite, but I was really laughing out loud. This is a side of you I am not sure I have seen until now. You are the best.

    • I do like that , even copied it on Facebook at the time, without linking to the blog. I’m a good law abiding cyclist and bad ones annoy me so much, its the only thing that gets me writing to the press so have had letters printed in the local paper and in Londons Time out. I hate bad cyclists and their disregard for drivers, pedestrians, other cyclists, their families when they get hurt….the things I’ve seen them do are jaw dropping suicide missions. I shout,at them too, they can’t hear ne as they ran the red light and are far away!

      • That is awsome! Good for you for standing up for what is right. I don’t know why some people think that anything they do is just fine and everyone else should have to just shut up and deal with it. Especially when their actions hurt others.

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