londonsurvival – the spiders are coming

This feature was originally on the BBC site but appears to have been pulled, probably caused mass hysteria.    My thought after reading it was ‘NO S*IT’ when I came across the largest spider I had ever seen in my kitchen causing myself and the cat to freeze with terror……

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  1. That picture is so funny.

  2. We have some big ones here too. Wolf spider, they love your house. And Taranchulas, they don’t like to be inside until winter

    • I’ve just googled the wolf spider, good grief!!!

      Only place I have been that had big spiders was Australia, luckily I never saw any

  3. Not an exaggeration at all. I hate spiders, even the tiny ones. Gross.

  4. This is so funny. We get a lot of wolf spiders here. Okay, I came to this post because I don’t want to overwhelm your commentators on the travel guide post. You may want to trash some of those Joe. I don’t want people to not comment because there are already 30 other comments by me. Anyway, I just published your porn star post. No nudity needed. 😉


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