londonsurvival – Westfield Stratford

An artist’s impression of looters at the new Westfield Stratford

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  1. I think this is the first post I’ve found that doesn’t have any comments. Well, now it does. I just felt like stalking you again tonight. I think I am going to make the “nothobblingnow” blog private. My husband has been paranoid lately. And I don’t want him to stumble across it. I am taking the kids away for the summer. It will be good for them and for me, but I’m worried that they are too old and it will stress them out. I can’t stay here though.

    Anyway, you are one of…maybe the best friend I have on here. Even though I just talk to myself on your blog, you let me and give good advice when needed. I love you Joe. Thanks for being you.

    • It was an early post and I suppose if no one knows about the place and the riots it made no sense to them.

      Where are you taking them? To family?

      Why would it stress them out?

      • It is to their grandparents, but they are old and my kids are hyper. I just don’t know what I want anymore. I think I want romance and appreciation. I also want freedom

        • How long have you felt like that?

          • Years. I’ve chosen love, but it hasn’t been a feeling

            • Let’s be like Thelma and Louise, tag along my American road trip and have some adventures stopping by all the other bloggers houses unannounced.

              PS: I can’t drive

              • You are awesome! I can’t drive either, so we’re kind of screwed, but we should be able to get the car to dive off a cliff ok. Maybe we should just take the train…

              • Maybe that can be an excuse for meeting you. A train ride somewhere.

              • Between the two of us, we could drive. You push the gas and I’ll steer.

                • I’d rather sit back and watch the scenery.

                  Anyone else wanna hit the road with us? Find out who else needs adventure for a few weeks and lets go, they have to drive.

                  • Great idea. I have a few blog girls that would be fun and willing.

                    • We’ll hire a bus then

                    • You know how much fun that would be? We would have a crazy good time!

                    • I suspect most people are too busy in their real lives.

                      It would be fun though. EG and someone else said they’d go for a drink in New York, PMAO would show me round San Francisco. But I really want to see New orleans, Austin, Nashville, Memphis, towns of musical signifiance. And I want to eat in diners like on Guy Fieris Food Network show, Diners Drive ins and Dives, we don’t have places like that in the UK.

                    • You should kidnap me. 😉

                    • I may not even get let into America yet

                    • I think they will let you in.

                    • The blogging bus, we’ll all get on board and only communicate via our laptops through our blogs.

                      We’ll drive from town to town picking up each blogger as we go, then we’ll all go to Vegas

                    • Laughing for real. I love it! I can see it in my mind now…

                      You know what we should do for real? Start writing to shows like Ellen and “what not to wear” (i seriously need that show), maybe Dr. Drew or something, and try to get them to send us both somewhere, or meet somehow. It would save you some money, and we could both get a little break.

                    • I would never be on TV!

                    • Not even if they flew you here and gave me a NY shopping spree?

                    • Nope! We repeat those shows for years on tv here, I’d hate to be channel hopping and see myself.

                    • lol, fine…I think I dreamed about us on a rode trip…it’s hard to remember, but I think so, with lots of girl blog friends…

                    • fun dream then! Ex-hobbler!

                    • Lol, someone found by blog yesterday with “hobbles masturbation”. I doubt ex-Hobbler will help much, but usually I roll instead of hobble with the walker. I guess my “how the Hobbler does porn” post has the other kind of hobbling…

                    • Someone Google that? Weird

                    • Yes…how are you tonight? Oh, nevermind, you’re probably sleeping. Night Joe, sweet dreams.

                    • What area are you gonne be for the Summer then?

                    • Nebraska, but close to Colorado and Wyoming

                    • I need to look at a map, have no clue!

                    • They are in the panhandle part. I wish I could go visit one of my sisters for a few days though. One is in Seattle, Washington and the other in Jacksonville, Florida

                    • You can’t go visit?

                    • I probably could for a few days at least.

                    • cowboy country?

                    • Yes…boring. Colorado is pretty, but that’s about it.

                    • Really, sounds great!

                    • You know that lobster guy on the British post? I’m nicely disagreeing. 😉

                    • Will check it, me too, he calmed down a bit. He’s not the one.

                    • So, who is the one? I will also give you a link to another British argument I found.

                    • He wasn;t trolly enough, we need someone really dumb

                    • Damn. Okay, I’ll run a tag search for dumb people.

                    • It’ll just bring up people criticsiing dumb people. It’ll happen, we can’t rush these things, some moron will get lost and wind up in our ‘hood sometime or another

                      Then we’ll snare them like a venus fly trap

                    • Lol, okay. I wish they’d hurry up!

                      It Is kind of about the system, monarchy vs. demmocracy, but it is fun

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