An Apology from WordPress

Dear WordPress bloggers

We inadvertently Freshly Pressed a blog from Joe Hoover and would like to apologise for any distress this may have caused.    This was an oversight on our part and the person responsible has been fired.

We understand you have no time to read through pages of drivel from someone whose incoherent ramblings have long bored his friends for many years. 

It does appear however,  that many readers have empathised with his point of view so we can assume that there is a section of our community who are made for each other and are welcome to share each others nonsensical observations, thus leaving intelligent comment for the rest of our online society.

He thanks you for the wonderful comments and will take pleasure in reading your blogs over the coming days.



WordPress folk




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  1. Actually, I made time. The WordPress folk know what they’re doing. I approve.


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