Bad dreams, bad food and bad hairstyles – my week condensed

I actually wrote this post last Saturday and up to then was a pretty uneventful week for me, how little did I know how events would unfold after I wrote point 2.  I was going to take it out, but it’s what I thought at the time, I had a huge essay on the riots to publish aswell but have just unceremoniously sent it to the trash, everything has already been said, I’ve published some thoughts on news forums and that’s where they belong. 

1) You know those anxiety dreams where your teeth fall out?  Mine have been doing it for real this week.  Barely a week into healing from impacted wisdom tooth removal, the tooth next to it just crumbled as if little mites had undertaken a controlled demolition on the tooth.   I also dream of falling down stairs so I am now approaching any with trepidation.

2) Terrible scenes in the Tottenham riots, widespread looting of Lidl and Icelands (seriously, go to M & S if you’re going to steal food) so if you are attending any parties with an abundance of king prawn rings and boozy goose then I’d question your hosts alibi.

3) Tip of the week: Always check your hair clippers are fully charged before you have shaved half your head.

Final thoughts on the riots and I just wanted to include my two favourite images which sums up the true character of Londoners.   We can’t forget the terrible images we have seen over the last few days but these people are not representative of us, proportionally they are a small minority and these images make me proud of our City once more.

Links attached as they are copyrighted, they’ve been everywhere, and the tea pic is from my very own Camden Town.

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