Pimms, tea and false teeth – my week condensed

1) Pimms tastes better with plenty of Gin in it.  I have never been a fan mainly as I do not know what is in it, the bottle just says a spirit drink, but made of what?   It makes me suspicious, especially as you have to adorn it in a fancy dress of various fruits.  What is it trying to cover up exactly?   Armed with the usual dregs of my liquor cabinet (actually my sideboard, but how I long for a proper drinks bureau)  I cast my eye along the remnants of Vodka, Gin, Grenadine, Creme de cacao, Kaluha and opted for the gin since I can pretty much make varying combinations of drinks with the other items but I only ever manage to stick the Gin in the tonic.   It worked a treat, I just hope they don’t introduce the idea at Wimbledon or you will have far more heckling fro the crowd.

cuppa tea

2) I smiled in delight as I cycled to work today passing a well dressed gentleman walking to work carrying a mug of tea.   He looked quite pleased too, as well he should supping his favourite drink from his favourite mug, it certainly seemed to put a spring in his step (or maybe he had some leftover Gin?)   What a great contrast to a disposable coffee chain beaker or the metal thermos flasks that Londoners rushed to buy as soon as Nigella Lawson was seen pretending to hail a bus carrying one on the go, (of course she never got on the bus, it’s edited to make us believe she lives like the rest of us by boarding the peasant wagon)  But then I thought what must he do with his mug once finished?  Does he take it to work?  Maybe he hides it under a bush in someones garden to retrieve it on the way home?   I’m looking forward to seeing him again and wishing that he also brings his breakfast with him, I imagine him stumbling down the street trying to manage with his mug of tea, a toast rack and a boiled egg.

3) Whilst partaking in the routine habit of trading insults with the barman of my local pub, someone reported a set of dentures left in the gents toilets.  After plucking up the courage to retrieve them they found their way into the bin much to my disdain. “Don’t you have a lost property box?”   Since this was negative I realised anything of value is most likely kept and anything else stored in the bin.  Surely someone is going to miss their teeth, at what point are you going to realise they are missing. In what instance would you need to remove your teeth in the pub, and in the toilets at that.

I declared that they should have everyone in the bar try out the teeth in a Cinderella type scenario, then whoever fits the knashers would be your betrothed, my suggestion didn’t go down too well.

4) Pimms and Gin  = bad hangover

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  1. ha! how do you leave your dentures in the loo? possibly too much pimms…..

    • Of course! He will never remember where he saw them last after that hangover. Or maybe he had something stuck in his teeth, how much easier than rooting around with your tongue or carrying a toothpick – just rinse them under the tap

  2. Pimms is gin-based itself. It’s basically an infused gin. And, it’s best with just a little bit of slightly smushed up cucumber.

    More people need to get on the bring-your-own-cup bandwagon. Personally, I have Keep Cup because it’s light and easy to throw in a bag – but I admit it does lack the certain homeliness of the china tea-mug.

    • Thanks for the info, a double measure of gin (or by my measures a quadruple measure) explains the hangover! Gorgeous cats by the way


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