The youth of today

Photo by Tony Henstock

I was sent this photo this week from a customer looking to source plastic spheres in order to make this item in the photo.

The photo has been puzzling me for days, his email stated this is a mask he was making for his son and if successful would order some more to make them for his friends.  Why would someone want a mask which looks like an Anime version of the lovechild of Kermit and Minnie Mouse, I posted on facebook to try and get some clarity from my friends.  The plot thickened as one friend pointed out that in cartoon law if you have crosses on your eyes you are dead.  Well, this only puzzled me further, a mask of a dead animal on your head, is there a new holiday, like Halloween but involving a lot of LSD?

I proceeded to use all my internet research prowess and eventually came across a character called DeadMau5, a dance/rave artist who wears this helmet onstage when DJ’ing.  I expect many of you bloggers out there already knew of him after all I learnt he has over 3.5 million Facebook followers, along with numerous websites instructing people how to make these masks.  I could breathe a sigh of relief, problem solved, from what I thought was a very odd mask of a deceased space rodent to something that made a bit of sense at least.

But then I though how could something with 3.5 million followers have passed me by, I am not into that music scene granted, but anything that well liked in popular culture I would have surely been aware of?

But gigs used to be you and the band, now you have to contend with arms aloft holding up digital camera, people actually paying £30 to see a band to then watch through a camera.   And now we may have to contend with fans wearing mask effigies of their heroes, be thankful previous generations of fans have never thought of this, imagine an arena of Barry Manilow fans wearing prosthetic noses.

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