The Green Note, Camden Town

Artwork by Raul G

Camden Town’s reputation is firmly established as the heartbeat of the London music scene,  even within London’s melting pot of sounds Camden  is bubbling over with options for aural pleasure.

You can relive the Britpop scene at The Good Mixer, or check out the current batch of indie hopefuls at the Dublin Castle and The Barfly,  bask in the history of the Roundhouse, try and pretend you know what you’re talking about at the Jazz cafe, or get bourbened up at The Blues Kitchen,  all just the opening chord of the experiences waiting for you in Camden.

One of my favourites would have to be the Green Note, fantastic philosophy perfectly executed.  As they web spiel tells you, founded by two friends looking for somewhere to hang out, eat vegetarian food and listen to great music, and they have succeeded, it is a gem.

Situated on Parkway only a few minutes walk from the bustle of Camden Town tube station on route to Regents Park, you are met by the venue whose windows are blue tacked with posters of upcoming artists performing, grab a flyer of upcoming events and take your pick form a fantastic choice of artists, from singer-songwriters, folk, jazz, blues and world music, all stripped back to create an amazing evening a world away from the hectic pace of Camden outside.

Upon entering you are met with a small room, with only a few tables, this is the dining area for those who just want to eat and not watch the artists, as you will need to pay the door charge to enter the back room of the venue which reveals itself behind a heavy deep red curtain.

Once inside is a larger room by comparison though will only hold a maximum of 65 people, and half of those will be standing.  here you can also dine if a table is booked.  The food is set at a mixture of world tapas, all vegetarian of course, along with one main meal which changes daily and which is also fairly substantial,  it’s best to arrive an hour before the music starts to eat and get settled as it can get crowded later on.

Once the music starts the curtain is drawn closing you off to the outside world, and you are drawn into the Green Note’s welcoming arms.  It’s plain bricked walls adorned with the portraits of legendary artists casting their eyes upon you, the tiny stage set in the corner only a 30cm off of the floor is full if more than a couple of people take to the stage, a past treat has seen a larger band try and cram in, but this only adds to the atmosphere, you are privy to something very special, you are far removed from Camden now.

Backroom Photo from London.Unlike

I have never seen a bad set at this venue, every artist is carefully selected and are hugely talented and always of a high standard.   The love of the music and its ethos is clear when you are there, the staff are genuine and friendly, everyone is happy to be there, all in on the secret whilst the rest of Camden’s tourists trudge from bar to bar, everyone here is cocooned in the sanctuary of the Green Note.

Tonight’s bill is made up of two acts, Mat Gibson followed by The Cedars, and it is a rare night which isn’t sold out but this is in no way a reflection on the acts concerned but due to the heavens opening up earlier that day and unleashing 2 months worth of rain which our gardens have been sorely missing of late, but unfortunately it was to be this night that it finally came down.  It was still two thirds full by the time the acts begun, and whilst everyone else was cooped up at home, no doubt appreciating being warm and dry, for those who dared venture out they were not disappointed.

Mat Gibson played a short but assured set of well crafted songs, it was well received by the Green Note crowd and will surely welcome him back again.   One act the Green Note are familiar with are The Cedars, you can catch them there a few times a year, but they have a fairly gruelling schedule so you are bound to be able to see them across the capital and on the festival circuit. The four members of the band squeeze themselves onto the corner stage and play an incredible set which by the end has the crowd stomping on the floor, slamming hands on tables and clapping along in time with their brand of whiskey soaked Americana on tracks such as single The Colour and Ten Gallon Mile, aswell as silencing the crowd on the a capella Choke Chain which leaves the crowd mesmerised.

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We venture back into the rain-soaked streets, our heads dizzy from beer and feet still tapping, grabbing a flyer to check out when next we can come back for a fix of the best music venue in Camden.

Book a table, order from the delicious menu and enjoy some fantastic musicians, you’re guaranteed a memorable and intimate evening that’s a one-off

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