Stupidity Outbreak – My week condensed

1)   At the train station

I check the travel update board for service status, “GOOD SERVICE” is declared on every line.   I pay my fare and make my way to the platform which is teeming with commuters, I check the travel update board “40 MINUTE DELAY” screams back at me in amber LED’s.   Nice work TFL , take my money before you screw me over.

2) At work

Our offices are being painted, you’d think they would schedule the work for the weekend when we are not working.  You’d think they would avoid inducing nausea via their staff inhaling paint fumes for 3 days……you’d think

3) Shopping

I bought a very cheap £6.98 sandwich toaster, the sales assistant tried selling me an additional 3 year warranty at a cost of £29.99.  They seemed bemused when I laughed and explained if it broke I would throw it away and buy another one at £6.98.

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  1. The warranty sales…always perfectly worthless.

    • yeah, that sandwich toaster was crap, it’s about half the size of the bread, so you need to cut the bread down to fit and have mini sandwiches. thank god i never took out the warranty


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