Royal Wedding hysteria

This isn’t just about the wedding hype, with the impending Olympics we are quite used to our city being under the spotlight.  Most people I meet are completely apathetic about the Wedding or Olympics, so it surprising to see the coverage reach fever pitch in the media.   Or maybe everyone is just being typically London and hiding their euphoria.   When the Olympics were awarded to London you imagined the people celebrating winning the vote were just paid for extras as no one I knew was really bothered, but after reading Facebook posts of these same friends this morning, happily claiming they had just applied for tickets in the nick of time last night just goes to show how much we fall back on our don’t give a hoot attitude most of the time, when obviously we do or are we just worried about being left behind and have nothing to talk about round the water cooler.

I will mention I don’t care for the Olympics, not for anything political in that the money should have been spent elsewhere, I will even watch it when it’s on, I just don’t really care if it is on my doorstep or not, but I know people are and will travel across the globe to see the greatest spectacle on earth, so I am planning a house swap during this time, let someone else who is passionate about it be immersed in the action, and I also get to impart my love of all things London to them and will look forward to creating my own little London guide for them.

My problem lies with the media hype juggernaut, which somehow manages to drag the population along with it, check out this article about the Olympics and the feverish rush to apply for tickets.  There was so many news reports warning of the dangers of missing out and the panic surrounding buying tickets that everyone followed like sheep and had to be part of it.   But the bidding system they used meant people just overstretched themselves, they are not paying there and then, is it even highlighted that you may be about to spend £20,000 on tickets?  Of course people should be responsible for their actions and be aware of the process, but such is the effect that people get carried away.

Having been in the debt spiral in the past and knowing full well I had got myself there and had worked even harder to get myself out so you cannot blame the system entirely, but I don’t think they actually make any effort to avoid these things happening, they have a good idea on how human behaviour is in these situations and they capitalise on this.

It’s akin to Ebay when people get caught up in the bidding war and then lose sight of a products actual worth.  I remember I was bidding on a Playstation dance mat for my niece and had a £10 budget in mind.  The bids ended at £40 for a second-hand game in a battered box, I ended up buying it brand new on Amazon for £25!

I digress a bit but I thought this was an interesting point.

Back to the wedding, I see shops beginning to put up bunting, the tabloid press will probably have some sort of origami edition where you can just unfurl the paper to create some union jack flags, (these are the papers that used their centre pages to make a prayer mat for England to win a game during the World Cup!).

There is a definite crowd of people celebrating in London pretty much everywhere you go and that is the gay community, they are going all out in their celebrations.   I think this should be commended, whilst much of the nation is split between strict royalists and will be drowning in their memorabilia and the other half who will be avoiding it at all costs and even protesting against it (maybe these people have always wanted to shout out at a wedding when they ask if anyone here objects…)

Pretty much most gay bars in London are holding a celebration, offering free champagne (we’ll see if it’s actually champagne) and canapes, and will be encouraging a celebratory atmosphere, there will be drag queens hosting events, in the same way Joan Rivers would take to her role at the Oscars or Terry Wogan at the Eurovision Song contest, tongues firmly in cheek, but not in a derisory way, it will be celebrated regardless, any excuse for some high camp hijinks!

I’ll be attending one such event in Camden’s gay bar, The Black Cap, hoping for some great photo opportunities to post up here later, with a free bacon sandwich and a glass of cava thrown in.

I’m not actually sure what my point is, I’m not against either event, but people should feel free to express their interest in any way whatsoever, I just take umbrage in there being so much hype and on how we should be acting towards the events, but if you can’t beat them join them, you’re gonna have to go well out of your way to avoid it completely, you may aswell act as you would at any other wedding, drink too much, dance like a fool, and fall asleep in the toilet cubicle.

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