Innercity Gang Wars 2

The Godfather returned yesterday, I was relaxing in my lounge when I heard a thud from the garden.  I recognise this sound when Lily jumps down from the wall onto the bench, but she was already with me, she darted for the door and I followed close behind.   She stopped in her tracks, rooted to the spot, I appeared to see the Godfather in all his bloatedness and unkempt fur glaring at us both, the largest cat I have ever seen.

He was alone, there must be have been a power shift as I had suspected from my previous post, cast out he was forced to stalk alone – or was he looking for refuge?  No more looked up to by his peers, was he looking to form a new alliance with Lily?

There was no time to find out, he quickly darted up the wall from where he came, had one look back and jumped down the other side.

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  1. Yes they would. We are life preservers for them. 😉


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