This Is Fucking Vandalism, London’s History And Culture Are Being Destroyed In The Name Of Greed

I was writing a piece about this same topic but this post covers all I had to say. Some of you may recall a couple of years ago we were fighting to save our local gay pub, steeped in history. That struggle came to an end last week. Another week brings another story of London being asset stripped for more luxury development, what makes London so great is quickly eroding away.

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the void

black-capsAround 150 people joined a protest outside The Black Cap public house in Camden yesterday after it closed suddenly and without warning last week.  The long running LGBT venue opened in the 1960s, surviving throughout the days when gay people faced prosecution.  Now it is falling victim to rampant gentrification that respects neither culture or history and seeks only to make as much money as possible for greedy property developers.

Speaking at the protest drag artist Titti La Camp, a former performer at the pub, said 10 gay venues had closed in central London since the current Tory government weren’t elected.  In an all too familiar story, those trying to save The Black Cap believe it is likely to be converted into yet more luxury flats that nobody local can afford.

camden-marketsA few hundred yards away a large part of Camden Market is currently a building site, awaiting being converted…

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